A dreamer who never ceases to dream. She believes that a life well lived is a life lived for others.

It has been my long time dream to become a writer, even when I was still in my pigtails. Fate though had    other plans for me.

In spite of my pursuing a different profession and even amidst my busy schedule in the academe, I still have not given up on my dream.

I wrote whenever I had the time, during breaks, after work and even during a kidney break in class.

I had some short stories and poems published in local magazines but I still have not written a book. I hope I can do that in the near future.

I am an allied medical professional, handling Clinical Chemistry, Endocrinology, Clinical Toxicology and Physiology subjects in the University where I am presently connected. I enjoy this challenging endeavour because in learning, one has to be creative and dynamic. I believe too that learning is a lifelong process.

It has been an honor for me to be the moderator of the College paper. This has given me the chance to encourage students to explore their creative talents too, even if they belong to the field of chemistry and science.

Contrary to common perception, the arts, sciences and education are a perfectly dynamic trio.

They often ask me how I am able to do this. It’s simple, I have found my passion and I enjoy writing and blogging.

Join me as I venture and explore the various concepts of these three interesting worlds.

7 thoughts on “About”

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    Good day Jena!

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    • Hello Ann Joy,

      Thank you for your interest, but for the moment, I’m putting a raincheck on guest posting. I’ll inform you when I’ll be accepting. God bless.

  2. Jena,
    I am new to the blogging/social network community and really enjoyed reading posts on your website. I love how you talk about current political issues but also have an astronomy page and books page (there is nothing better than a good novel)! Keep doing what you are doing, you never know whose opinions you may change.

    Melissa Lynette


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