Top WOOF Picks for July 6

Justine, Zorlone, Jennifer and the rest of the winners, congratulations.

Way to go, guys!

WOOF Contest – Top Picks

Prose / Fiction

Jennifer M Scott – “Dreaming of EveThis story is for mature audiences for strong language. sexual situations and violence just wanted to forewarn you. a woman is haunted by her former boyfriend.

H. Benjamin Petrie – “Is this Love?” – A stream-of-consciousness piece aiming to combine a Raymond Carver-style relationship story with James Joyce-style internal monologuing.

Webbielady – “Blue Moon” – At last!


Dragon Blogger – “Who Will Make Coffee” – Funny and humorous poem about a volunteer brewing a pot of coffee.

Zorlone – “Untamed beauty” – One cannot claim full knowledge behind a woman’s smile. “Looks like the girl is full of mystery…” – Snow

Free Spirit – “ArmageddonWhen earth is too filthy to live in…

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Other WOOF Contestants for 07/03/09

Prose / Fiction / Novel Excerpt

Jena Isle – “Chapter 1Umma Ayam Sinsana (Where are you now?)” – A true to life novel about Kalinga.

Jena Isle – “Chapter 2- Umma Ayam Sinsana (Where are you now?)” – Chapter 2 of the story of the Kalinga man.

Redrogue – “My Antipatic ColleagueShe is on the verge of hating her until the reality comes into view… What she’s going to do now?


Jennifer M Scott – “Candlelight Red” – A poem inspired by the words candlelight red.

Zorlone – “Last night” – “Without pain, can there be any real sense of joy? Without darkness, would we even understand the concept of light? This is a writer’s curse and blessing, to feel things deeply and to make others feel them through our words.” – Holly Jahangiri

Dragon Blogger – “Hurt LivesPoem about difficulty and staying the course in ones life.

Dragon Blogger – “Lost Drug AddictRandom word poem including 19 random words about someone who slips into drug addiction.

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