I first learned about blogging three months ago, while researching on line about my paper. I was looking into the possibility of introducing the “website connection” into my “work” and discovered instead. “Create your own blog for free!” it said; so I click on it and then followed the prompts to open my first blog. That was relatively easy, I thought then. I discovered later however; that it was useless creating a blog if no one gets to read it. My blog does not even appear in the search engine…so I ran for help to google search and typed “how to add your URL to google search” and ” search optimization”. The instructions for optimization were more difficult than I had thought, because I did not understand computer “lingo”. It talked about, HTML, widgets, RSS feeds, body tags, etc. There was an instruction about editing the HTML of my template. I tried at least 15 times to place the “meta tag” for the verification code in my HTML, before I could do it right. In fact, I was ready to give up. I am thankful now that I did not, because on the next attempt – I made it…Halleluyah!

Eventually I learned how to download pictures, attach widgets (what is a widget?…lol), insert links, and change templates with ease. Chat fed, an entrecard member suggested that I use banners/flags and I don’t know exactly what he means. (Thanks) But the search engine is there so I will do my research again. I am learning while I am blogging. I wonder if there are people out there (my age) who still blog??? ( Am I too old to blog?…thinking out loud)

Anyway; indeed, experience is the best teacher! and Truly, patience is a virtue!

4 thoughts on “TOO OLD FOR BLOGGING?”

  1. Nah! Never too old. I, myself, just started. I don’t know any of the lingos either, and I don’t have time to research about them. I’ll take the easy way and read your blog to learn about them.

  2. A, I did visit the site Ageless project, but there rules are so stringent, and I want to keep track of my readers…but thanks for informing me. Happy blogging


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