The Weeping Girl: Part 1


There once was a girl, who was the only treasure of her parents. The mother loved her daughter very much and she dressed her every day like a little princess, with gorgeous clothes which flattered her skin.

Daily, she brushed the long hair of her child with much love and devotion and she was not tired to pay attention to her child. But from time to time she sighed and said, ‘child, to be a mother is both joy and sorrow.”

The father too loved his daughter very much. He cared less than the mother to change the appearance of the girl. Rather, he gave her a great deal of attention and fulfilled her every wish, he bought her whatever she wanted, dolls, dogs, birds, books.

Thus the girl grew up without ever knowing the ugly face of the lack of concern, because the parents thought of everything and ensured that in good time.

In all of their love for their only daughter the couple also found their own love. When the father saw the daughter, then he thought: “She is a part of my good-hearted woman, which I love so much ..’ And the mother felt the same.

When the mother saw her daughter she thought, ‘She has so much from him whom I love so much. “

The parents employed the best teachers at their house to educate her daughter and over the years she grew from a young daughter to a young woman who would soon leave the house of the parents to lead a life of her own.

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On her 18 birthday, the man took his wife to the side and said. ‘Dear wife, our daughter has become with the present day adult. We have given her all what parents could give a daughter. All that is left is we must still give her her own life.”

“I think just the same,” she said firmly, and seized his hand. “Let us speak with our daughter.”

They went to their daughter, who was in her room reading a book. “Daughter? We need to talk with you.”

The daughter looked up briefly with a loathly grimace. “See ye not that I read? I don’t want to be disturbed” Then she turned around and turned her back to her parents.

The father spoke again. “Dear daughter, you’re grown up now. We give thee with a heavy heart today the freedom of adult life.” The daughter had previously blocked her ears, and so she didn’t notice as the parents boldly began to pack the suitcases of their daughter.

The mother brought the suitcase before the door of the house and the father wore his beloved daughter over the threshold of her father’s home. Then they locked the door and began to smile.

“That’s it, free again.” They fell into the arms and cheered. The happiness of a childless love came over them once again.

As the daughter had read through her book, it was dark and she slowly got hungry. She sat up and looked around and saw that she was outside of the house in front of the door. Around her were the suitcases.

What game could that be? She cried after her parents and rang the doorbell, but nobody opened the door. Finally, she hammered annoyed with fist against the door to express her displeasure.

Suddenly on the first floor a window opened and the face of her teacher appeared.

“Your parents tell you that you have now become of age and therefore receive the gift of freedom.”

“Then I have birthday today? Where is my birthday cake?”, The daughter happily hopped up and down.

“There will be no cake today,” the teacher looked affected and shrugged his shoulders.

“You find in the suitcases all you need to get along.” The window was closed.

The young woman understood that she was locked out and began to cry. She sat in front of the door and cried hour by hour.

Finally, she went under the window of her parents and wailed, “Year after year, I was your daughter. I was never alone and I never had to struggle because you had already thought of everything. But now you let me alone and no one will think of me anymore? Why dear parents, why have you just done that? Wasn’t I a good daughter, why for the world did you say nothing? Because you believed that it would be my wish to hurt you? ” But nobody answered.

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Then came a young man the road along with a horse-driven carriage who saw the girl crying. He stopped his car and shouted. “Hey, you there. What do you have? Why do you cry?”

But the young woman did not reply.

The young man dismounted, went over to her and looked at all the suitcases. “So you’re probably a servant who was thrown on the street? Well, you’re possibly pregnant?”

But the young woman did not reply.

“I will take you with me,” said the young man. “My mother is looking for a servant and you will please her just right as any other, if you only behave properly. “

The young woman sobbed and gave no further response. The man carried her suitcases to his car. And finally, he wore the young woman like a wet sack over his shoulder and placed her gently on the bank next to coach.

So they traveled for hours and the young woman didn’t stop to weep, but she sobbed and whimpered no longer and her grief had become more silent.

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Finally, the young man turned into a farm and a tough female voice welcomed him. “Where do you come from now? Have you wasted time again?”

“Look, mother”, said the young man” I have found a maid. Your last one has run away.”

The mother looked with large eyes at the young woman saw that she cried and said. “She certainly will work nothing like she howls. But if you already have brought her, then bring her into the garret. And you – you strange one. Whoever does not work, will get nothing to eat.”

The young woman seemed not to notice what happened around her and the resolute mother had already turned and was gone

So there was the young woman as a maid at the farmers and she learned everything she needed as a maid. She milked the cows and wept. She washed the clothes and wept. She quietly ate the bread that she had baked and wept. She never gave an answer and now and then a tear ran down her cheek.

The farmer was not interested because she had a heart of stone and only the young man asked himself, which was probably the secret behind the tears of the young woman. His whole life long, he had never heard a dear word from his dear mother and he could recall how had cried a lot in his childhood.

But the tears were gone, as he once had asked his mother, “mother, do you love me?”

The mother had given him a firm look and replied, “Love – what is it? Who does not work gets nothing to eat. You get to eat and do work that is everything you can ever expect from your mother. And remember. I have not called you to come into my life. Now you do not bubble to me any requests. ” Then his mother had turned and was gone.

‘Work, eating”, he had thought.

One day the young man came back to the house of the parents of the young woman. He stopped the car and knocked on the door. The mother opened and he asked, “Good woman, why did you once throw your maid out of the house?”

“No, we never had a maid, although I come into an age where I might need a good maid. We have a daughter, who we loved dearly, but she left us being of age. We gave her all and could give only one gift to her – freedom. “

“Your daughter is now with me,” said the young man

“Maybe she be where she wants to be. Who cares? I’m not,” said the mother saucy. “We anticipated her every wish, but she did not pay the love back. Year after year, she became more grumpy and unbearable. Once I have asked my daughter whether she loved me?”

‘Love you, certainly I love you. “

“And why?” I asked

“Because, because .. and then, she considered a long time, because you always give me what I would like to have?”

“And if I wanted something from you, dear daughter would you give it to me?”

“No, because I have nothing except what you give me. What should I give you?”

“She didn’t love me because she didn’t want to give me nothing in return. Maybe she be, where ever she is – I do not care. As a parent, I have fulfilled my duty.” She turned her look from the young man and closed the door.



RAY GRATZNER OF THE ESOTERICAL JOURNEY is one blogger who inspires profound thoughts and retrospection.

He talks about a lot of meaningful insights in his English blog and also posts them in his German blog. He describes his blog as a site that features:

“Thought and stories about personal freedom, love, life energy and the journey inside.”

Visit his German Blog DER WEG IST DAS ZIEL

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The blogosphere would not be complete without a philosopher like Ray.

Thanks Ray for contributing this thought provoking story to the Inspirational Book.

I am sure lots of readers will contemplate on its real message.

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  1. Now there is a story with a true meaning behind it. If we give our children everything they want, they begin to expect it.

    If we should have them earn their wants and desires, then we give them respect.

  2. I enjoyed Ray’s story. There’s a lesson to be learned from it. I hope that the young woman learns a valuable lesson in the end. I can’t wait for Part 2.

    Very good story, Ray.


  3. Dear jena, thank you for your friendly words and the wonderful arrangements of the text with pictures.
    I appreciate it very much and it means a lot to me, being allowed to participate in your project…
    Happy blogging

  4. Hi Ray,

    Wow , you were able to visit my site and read your article. You’re welcome and THANK YOU, for allowing me too to publish your article. It has been a pleasure.

    Part 2 has been posted now. Happy blogging.

  5. i enjoyed the story. i got confused on the first part on how the girl was brought outside of the house without her knowing..hehe poor me.


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