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The uncertainty of something makes us hesitate to move forward. If we want to succeed, we should be courageous enough to take risks. Life is about taking risks. If we refuse to take risks, we would be wondering forever if we could have succeeded or not.

Take this specific example: Let’s say your teacher encouraged you to join a Science Quiz Contest. You have never joined any competition before and it would be the first time for you, if you did. You felt that you were not ready yet, so you had refused to take the chance. The question will remain forever in your mind: “Would you have won, if you took the risk?” , and this will bug you for as long as you can recall that event. However, if you took the risk then – whether you succeeded or not – would not really matter. What counts was that you were brave enough to face the challenge.

Take the risk, give it your BEST shot and then cross your fingers(grin). Those who are willing to do this are the ones who usually make it to the top.

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