I tried fiddling with – guess what – a rubiks cube! Yes, I was so stressed out with paper deadlines and with anxious students coming now and then to ask one thing or two. So what I did was to fiddle with the rubiks during lunch time and- behold- come afternoon, I was less tense. At least I have learned 1 new trick. An old dog could still learn new tricks…lol…. (although I’m not a dog and I’m not that old) First, form the T , then proceed from there.

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…and today.. I was able to solve the puzzle of the rubiks cube, with the help of sir Nino! He could solve the puzzle within 2 minutes more or less. It has a certain algorithm, pattern and principle that could be adapted. I am still slow but I can do it. Talk about summer vacations and a 2- 3 day – breaks during summer. The basics I may write in further posts.

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