The Kreativ Blogger Award from Holly

This “Kreativ Blogger Award.” was given by Vivian Zabel, president of 4RV Publishing and author of the blog, “Brain Cells and Bubble Wrap“, to Holly Jahangiri of the blog “It’s All a Matter of Perspective: Mine”

Holly , also the author of the children’s book – “Trockle” – has now passed on the award to me. Thanks, Holly.

The mechanics is to write “Seven Things About Me That People Might Find Interesting” and then pass on the award to bloggers whom you think are “kreative.” The rules are found below. I lifted this verbatim from Holly’s site:

Start of excerpt

The “Rules”

Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they have been nominated.

End of excerpt

So here are the seven things about me that you may find interesting:

1. I love music and I could carry a tune. Perhaps if I had started training while I was still young, then I would have developed this talent. Unluckily, this was not granted so I just sing in the confines of my room, or in the comfort room….he he he…My favorites are Kenny Rogers, Carpenters, ABBA, Mariah, Celine, Westlife, and Savage Garden.

2. I have acrophobia, most people do. But it’s different with me, I only fear high-rise buildings and not mountain peaks or flying; the ground seems to be beckoning, ouch!

3. I once wrote a sci-fi short story which I believed was my best. I had created an entirely new world for it, with matching vocabulary; but alas, it was rejected by all local magazines while some of what I thought were not so good were accepted. I don’t know where that manuscript is now.

4. My next project after the Inspirational Book is a poetry magazine with three poets – Zorlone and Roy and of course me. I am still deciding whether to include other poets. I’m so excited about this, as this would be with colored pictures. I hope you’ll reserve a copy. The first one will be available by first week of October.

5. I love crossword puzzles. Whenever I find one, I try to answer it, but I never bought a book on crossword puzzles. Come to think of it, perhaps I’ll buy one soon.

6. I played the quitar when I was in college, sang James Taylor, Carole King , John Denver and even the Stylistics. I played for the church choir too.

7. I hate hypocrites. Pompous people who believe that they alone have the monopoly of all the goodness and virtues that God has handed down to humans. People who fulfill their religious rituals exceptionally well, but who are indifferent once they are outside the confines of their churches. Well, I am hypocritical too at times but I don’t shout to high heavens that I’m better than anyone else.

So these are the things I hope you’ll find interesting about me. The other more shocking truths, I have to keep them to myself.

I would like to pass this award to:

Aleluia Sanjuan a.k.a Punky Paige of . Her blog is one creative venue for anything under the sun from political commentaries, to poems, to videos, to random thoughts and many more. It would surely take a very enterprising blogger to come up with various posts in different categories.

I also passed this on to anyone who thinks he/she can be creative.

Feel free to post this in your blog. Happy Blogging!

Incidentally, I have new posts:
My Blogging Friends.
A Poem for My Son (in Zorlone’s Blog)

23 thoughts on “The Kreativ Blogger Award from Holly”

  1. Savage Garden? I'm laughing at the thought of us singing the "Chicken Cherry Cola song" as Katie and I used to call it. She and I could ALMOST do it, once upon a time, when she was in middle school. ABBA and the Carpenters? Yep, we will have to hit the videoke bars one of these days, Jena.

    I haven't even a touch of acrophobia, but I'm very much afraid of that final "SPLAT!" at the bottom of the cliff. It's ONLY while standing at the edge of a cliff that I feel it, and only if there are other people, nearby, who might dislodge the rocks or knock me off balance. It matters not a bit if I trust them; if you and I go hiking in the mountains, stay a few hundred yards from me and don't breathe loudly, if we're near a precipice.

    It's a shame you gave up on that story. I've had similar experiences, and will never understand some of the buying decisions of magazines, but they are just that – purchases. Why do you buy a blue scarf instead of a shimmery pink one? It says less about the quality of the pink one than about your needs and your buying decisions at the time. Perhaps you need a scarf to go with a blue outfit, and the pink just won't do.

    I can't wait to see this new poetry book! How exciting, Jen!

    My husband perfected his English with crossword puzzles.

    I took guitar lessons, but it made my spine, shoulders, and wrists ache. I was probably doing it wrong, but it wasn't as much fun as I'd thought it would be, and my teacher wanted a student with real potential, not one content to play The Carpenters and Cat Stevens. 🙂

    Hypocrites and pompous people are probably their own punishment; they have to live with themselves. Even they have mirrors, and one day, they'll catch a glimpse of the truth and not be able to look away.

    I do hope that some of your readers will accept the award, and I look forward to learning seven new things about each of them!

  2. Holly, I like your lengthy comment. I always enjoy reading your comments. By the way thanks for the award.

    Yes I do hope our friends will pick this award.

    You must come here so we can do a duet lol..or be the background singers of Doc Z, Roy and Lyle while they belt their songs.

    Cat Stevens' Wild World is a good guitar song.

    That sci-fi story is actually about an American and a Filipino..he he he…

    I won't go near you , promise. (winks)

  3. "Oooh, baby, baby it's a wild world…"

    I like Father and Son; Oh, Very Young; Moonshadow; and Peace Train best, these days.

    If you ever find that story, I'd love to read it. I really enjoyed your collaboration with Doc Z!

  4. There are so many interesting things about you Jen, but I wont be surprised if we have so many in common – singing for one and sci-fi in another.

    Hey, take me with you when you go singing with Holly! I'll make a record of scores from the videoke machine. LOL and I'd be the videographer, youtube doesn't have enough singing videos. ::grins::

    I like extreme sports. I once did a canopy walk, then repelled down a tree, then used the zip line in another part of the camp.

    I would like to experience sky-diving. I already made an appointment with Holly's cousin. he he he.

    Will be looking forward to the poetry collaboration. I hope it becomes a best selling book!


  5. Hey Doc Z, I also want to do "Sky-Diving" . How did you know this one is in my "Bucket List" too? he he he…

    Canopy walking and repelling down a tree? Those are dangerous Z. But you are indeed a sporty person.

    And yes, you can come with us when we go video-ing. When would be the tentative date for that Holly? Could we make it sooner? he he he..

  6. Sounds to me like we need to meet in New York so you two can go skydiving. Say when, and I'll see if I can't set something up with my cousin. I'm sure we can find plenty of karaoke/videoke joints in NYC…

  7. Holly,

    I was thinking of you coming here. Doc Z and I would gladly be your tour guides. This is also an opportunity to visit our scenic places here.

    November and December or summer months would be the best time to visit.

  8. I love James Taylor and Carole King. My extreme sport is bungee jumping. I do that every now and then.

    When I'm bored.

    In my blog. Bungee jumping = jumping to conclusion. Same banana.


  9. I wanted to say hello and to see who Holly awarded the Kreativ Blogger Award. She chooses well.

    Thank you for mentioning my blog, too.

  10. Savage Garden rocked, too bad they broke up, but Darren Hayes lead singer started a Solo career. Sorry I haven't visited the Jedi Bloggers much lately, been terribly busy.

  11. Congrats with the award! I love Savage Garden especially their song Truly, Madly, Deeply. Until now, I still hum to it and sometimes sing it while cooking heheheh.

    I also wrote some short stories and even drew a comic book when I was younger. I lost my manuscripts and stuff which was quite a pity.

    That's awesome that you guys are publishing a poetry book.

  12. Hello Charles,

    I love that song too . It's a good videoke piece…you could sing and dance too with that one.

    You should pursue your interest in that particular area- comic book.

    Wish us luck, we hope we could publish sooner.


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