The Hippocampi and Some Memories

The hippocampus is the part of the brain that is responsible for memory retention. The right side is believed to be the creative part of the brain, while the left side is the one in charge of simple recall.

The right side makes you dream and imagine the impossible, to make you aspire for the transcendental and noble. The left hippocampus allows you to remember names of places, persons, dates, etc.

My memories bring me to a time and place in which my right brain made me believe that love is eternal and everlasting, that love is indeed unconditional; that love transcends the mundane and physical.

For a while, I basked in this thought and truly believed in its reality. But I guess my left brain refused to give in.

I woke up one day to learn that my left hippocampus has won; that all we get from love is a love song and some broken chords; that it is a fact that true love never dies (my right speaking), but reality bites – not all relationships are meant to be fulfilled (my left speaking), and that life has to go on in spite of this glaring and painful fact.

Drawing by ZZan – The Wild and Free

This work of art has been created by that person in my right hippocampus.

Does he still remember me?

Does he still read what I write?

I hope he does, even once in a while.

I hope he could say hi.

And I hope he does not mind my posting one of his wonderful works of art; which I treasure even up to this day.

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  1. Hi Jean,

    Thanks for the comment. I was trying to give free reign to my right hippocampus but the left always

    Happy blogging.


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