The Butterfly Award from Jean and the tag from HotMomma

The Butterfly Award
was given by Jean of Jean’s Musings; While the tag was passed on by Mathe of HotMomma.

These two beautiful ladies are excellent writers, that is why I am flattered by this award and this tag. Thanks.

The Butterfly Award rules are: (I copied this verbatim from Jean’s blog.)


“Pass the award on to seven blogs (I choose 18 blogs) of your choice.

Link back to the blogger who gave you the award/ awards.

Let the new winners know they have received an award by commenting on their blog.”


For the tag given by Mathe of HotMomma; it is about revealing some personal stuff, so that your readers will come to know you more. Well, what is there to know about me? I’m a transparent person…
Mathe and Maritz(the singer)

I have 9 blogs and I try my best to maintain them, in spite of a full time, demanding job. And well, when I say “demanding job”, it really is. Let me reveal 5 “personal” things about me that very few people know of…lol

1. I find writing/blogging my way of relaxation. When I write, it seems all my worries and problems disappear.

2. I consider this blog Gewgaw Writings as a “sacred” blog as even if my Google page rank is 3, I still do not want to “desecrate” it with paid posts. I’m writing in this blog because I want to express my thoughts, and not because I wanted to attract more advertisers. This is purely my writing blog. I hope I would be able to maintain this, as I intended to. Yes, I have a single adsense ad at the topmost portion and one at the side bar, but paid posts? (Well, I accepted 2 offers, but I enjoyed writing them that’s why. Cheers!)

3. I do write paid posts for the other blogs, but I don’t blog to earn. I blog to be able to write. Earning is just the icing on the cake. It feels good to be paid for doing what you love to do – write.

4. I write too for, Associated Content, and These are all writing sites that pay per view of your article. I find writing for Helium more challenging as topics are provided and you got to compete with prolific and established writers. There is an on-going writing contest now at the site and the topics are very interesting. I hope you take part in this contest and win prizes too.

5. I love to sing. I could carry a tune, in fact, I sang on stage during a Christmas Party (Yikes!) and you could have seen their faces brighten up with … (?) I didn’t ask what their impression was, so I can’t write it down.

So there you are; I hope you learned something new about me. And Mathe, I was a good reader too while I was still in the elementary grades. I was then reading books which were meant for mature persons …he he he.

Jean and Mathe, you’re doing well at Helium with rating and ranking stars. Congratulations, keep writing.

Thanks for including me in your list.

I passed on both (the award and the tag), to the following blogs that I admire. Each of these blogs has a unique genre all its own. Visit them and see for yourself. You won’t regret it!

1. The Spitting Vessel
2. Ken Armstrong Writing Stuff
3. The Big Picture
4. Ruminations of a Small Town Mountain Boy
5. Caught in the Stream
6. The Esoterical Journey
7. Jean’s Musings
8. The Struggling Blogger
9. The Truth About Lies
11. Father Blogger Dot Com
12. Slightly Drunk
13. Baa Baa Blogging
14. Diary of a Start Up Mom
15. HotMomma
16. Seeking Things Above
17. Purpled Sky
18. Pinay Mommy Online

It is with honor that I give you this award and this tag. Happy blogging!

20 thoughts on “The Butterfly Award from Jean and the tag from HotMomma”

  1. Well Jena, I’m flattered and feel undeserving to be grouped with these wonderful blogs. Thank you so much for your support and interest.

    Speaking of doing well at Helium, whew, look in the mirror girl

  2. Thank you Jena Isle. I have a copy of my play to send you as I promised long before publication. This is my gift to you for your constant generosity and kindness.

    Perhaps you might email me with an address to which I can post it – not necessarily your home, wherever you like.


  3. Hi Eric,

    You’re doing well with your two blogs, flitting beautifully from one blog to another, you deserve the award. Kudos to you.

    Hi Ken,

    My favorite play writer and raconteur. You’re going places now. Yehey! and you still look back…what a great and humble guy you are. More successes will surely come your way. Congrats!

    Hi purpled sky,

    You’re one of the Kabayan writers I read. You write well, I’m sure you’ll make it good at Helium. Good luck.

    Hi Roy,

    Kaya natin Iyan (we can do it!)You have the talent to write so keep on posting, and never mind the detractors as long as you are doing what you enjoy most. And your blogs are doing quite well, go ,go go!

    Hi Jean,

    Thanks for picking up the tag, I know you don’t do so much of this tag thing , but thanks for picking mine. It is an honor. You do write well. I know you’ll make it big at Helium. Do join their contests. My hats off to you.

    Hi Francis,

    The quintessential artist. Your new site is doing well. looks good too. Do consider what I was suggesting ( I hope you don’t mind me saying it.) I would be the first to buy your book, should you decide to self-publish it. Kudos to you.

    Thanks everyone for acknowledging the tad. It’s okay if you won’t post about it. I understand that some do not do tags. Happy blogging.

  4. oh mommy jena! i want to faint right now. these are wonderful people and to be included with them makes me feel so awesome!

    anyway, you write great and it really shows. unlike me, i write because i NEED to earn just to live this life by. hehehe ^_^

  5. Dear jena, thank you for giving me this award. I makes me happy to be among this fine list of fine blogs. I am sure that you deserve the award and I have read your personal uncoverings with great interest. Thank you… Happy blogging

  6. Hi Mommy Ruby,

    Well you deserve the award, because I admire how strong and courageous you are in spite of your problems, and you still blog with so much zest. Kudos to you.

    Hi Slightly drunk,

    I enjoy reading your humorous and nippy and well written stories. You know how to find the fun part of any given situation. That’s something I sometimes don’t have and that’s why I admire this in you.

    Hi Ray,

    You’re the philosopher in my corner. You evoke deep thoughts and musings and I have to salute you for this. Thanks for sharing some of your significant insights. I learned a lot from them. My hats off to you, you definitely deserve the award.

  7. Hi Jena,

    Thanks for this honor. You’ve always been so kind and generous…and so hardworking.

    I will proudly post this on my blog. Thank you very much. 🙂 –Durano, done!

  8. Thank you, Jena, for the award. You’re very generous as usual for always thinking of me. I feel very honored.

    I apologize for coming to acknowledge it so late.



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