Six Fears, Necessities, Hardships

As promised, I voluntarily got this TAG from Ray of “The Esoterical Journey

I would like to write about my fears because wise men say, talking about them – in one way or another – exonerates them from your system. ( I surely hope so!)

Anyway, here goes:

Fear is a natural human emotion. Fear makes us wary and careful of any undertaking we plan to do and therefore makes us less prone to mishaps and misfortunes.

Without fear, we become less human.

Here are the 6 fears/difficulties that continue to nibble at my consciousness:

1. Fear of death – I know death is a natural human process and I don’t fear dying per se.

Photo by provia_17

My fear is in the method or way in which I would die.

Will I die of natural causes?

Will I die of cancer?

Or will I die because of an accident?

The unknown way in which I will die, makes me fear death .

(I know, I know..,”To the organized mind, death is but the next exciting adventure.” but I just can’t help myself….help Ray…LOL)

2. Public speaking – I do speak in public often, but I still have those butterflies in my stomach whenever I am called up the stage to say a few sentences.

I know this is natural even for seasoned performers , but I still feel nervous – so what I do is to take a deep breath and leave my fate to the gods…(grins).

3. I fear that we are – slowly but surely – destroying the earth, that global warming will eventually become worst and that in the future, our children’s children would gnash their teeth in turmoil over our irresponsible deeds.

I also fear for them, because of how we subject them now to media violence and gadgets that don’t develop their resourcefulness and initiative.

I also observed that nowadays compassion and empathy are less and less encouraged; thereby, creating a society where people are only after their own personal gain at the expense of others.

4. I find it difficult to reconcile the fact that people talk about God but treat others so unkindly and unjustly.

I’m not a pompous prig and I don’t pretend to be a “holier than thou” person, but I believe “religion” is felt from the heart and not in the countless religious rituals that we often piously perform.

5. I am having difficulty staying away from sweets altogether.

Cakes, chocolates, ice cream and savory desserts are my weaknesses and I devour them voraciously – no matter what.

I would rather die full and my appetite satiated, than die hungry…(he he he – )

by jmrocher2001

6. Lastly, I have great fear of heights.

I hate standing on the ledge of tall buildings, no matter how awesome the view is – from up there.

I’d rather sing in front of a crowd.

These are my basic fears…I have countless more, but I wanted this article to be “light”.

Those who would like to take up the TAG, you’re welcome!

Enjoy reading and happy blog hopping!

13 thoughts on “Six Fears, Necessities, Hardships”

  1. Dear jena, well you have found a very grim picture for the fear of death. Frightening!
    Fear of public speaking is really widespread. I think this post shows the fears of a very congenial person.

  2. Thanks, Ray , I take that as a compliment (grins). I was not so “serious” in this post, but I agree the picture is grim.

    I will have to look for another one.

    Thanks for the visit.

  3. I can sympathize with your fears for they are familiar to me also. I am extremely uncomfortable speaking to large groups. Surprisingly enough I have a fear of heights, buildings, bridges, and so on, but I have had no trouble when I went rock climbing, or hiking in the mountains. Kind of strange I know.

  4. Well, ditto on that one. I enjoy mountain climbing too….makes me feel I am closer to heaven. Thanks for the visit Eric.

    Happy blogging.

  5. Jena, I share some of those fears. The first one for me is more fear of suffering really (I survived a major surgery situation -1% survival rate – I saw the face of death)
    Public speaking is one of my main fears, maybe fear of heights too but I fear more to be in deep water in open sea, the feeling of not knowing what is down there. Maybe a scuba diving course will take away that 🙂
    But what I fear most is to numb myself and stop striving to reach my highest potential in life, to be my highest self.

  6. I have to say that public speaking would by my biggest fear and height would be my second biggest fear.

    I’ve always wanted to rock climb, but just haven’t been to actually doing it.

  7. Conchita, yes, your fear of stoping to aspire is indeed unspeakable. Now that I think about it, It would be one of my fears too. Thanks for dropping by.

    Tasha, didn’t I tell you we were kindred spirits? he he he….and we have the same pipe dream…oh…no, great ambition, no longer a pipe dream , as we are trying our darnedest best to achieve it.

    Good luck to both of us. Let’s have a “contract” to never give up until we do achieve it. Cheers!

  8. Conchita, I would like to visit your site, but I can’t access it…When I click on your name, it says it is unable to access your blog. Do drop a link so I can visit you too, thanks.

  9. Oh i don’t have a proper site or blog yet i am just beginning to know how with a free GeoCities account but next week I will invest time in that area, now I am a little busy preparing a magazine (i do graphic design at home) So when I have my blog i will let you know.
    You have great sites, i knew about you when you commented in James’s blog (newdilemma)

  10. Jena, a pact sounds a great idea. We shall never give up and try to encourage each other always. Thanks again for featuring my photos in your other blog site. I’m very honored. Have a great weekend.

  11. We can overcome most of these fears, except death…we all gotta go sometime. For me, I focus on what my site is all about, livelife365–life your day every day in every way. Very nice post and excellent blog.


  12. Livelife365 thanks for the nice words and for the visit.

    Yes I agree, we can overcome all of these, except death. But I find the fear of heights – something that I don’t want to conquer.

    Happy blogging.


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