She Didn’t Dance – Conclusion

By: Roy dela Cruz

Whew! I was glad that was over. Next was the talent portion. But my baby was number twenty-eight. Would she be able to hold and wait for her turn? Meanwhile, friends and relatives had arrived to support Angel. Everyone – wanting to hold her, hug her, kiss her, or play with her while it was not yet her turn.

Angel-(older now) in one of her model poses -10 yrs. old

As we watched the proceedings of the program, other children performed without any problem.
I had hoped the same would be true with my baby. It was almost nine o’clock and candidate number twenty or twenty-one was performing on the stage. My wife asked me to talk to Angel; she wanted to go home.

Not again! I didn’t know what happened, but Angel was cranky. Maybe her aunties and cousins unwittingly pressured her young mind by telling her to do well. Or maybe she just got impatient and didn’t want to dance. I took her backstage and tried to talk to her.

Number twenty-five was on the stage. I asked her to do it just once and promised her that I would never allow her mommy to put her in a contest like that again.

The Author and Angel – 11 yrs. old

It was harder to talk to her this time, but through patience and daddy’s charms, I was able to convince her. Candidate number twenty-seven was almost finished.

I kissed and hugged my baby for the last time, as they called her name.

I handed her to the usherette and tried to rush to the front to take her picture. I had only taken a few steps when I heard the ushers and usherettes calling me.

When I looked back, Angel was crying! What now?! I rushed to Angel’s side trying to talk to her. She was still crying.

In the meantime, the emcee kept on calling Angel’s name, I was asking for two minutes.

Then, out of nowhere, the daycare teacher came urging Angel to dance on the stage.

Angel in her school uniform – 11 yrs. old

Imagine that! My baby was crying and all this teacher could think of was the talent portion!
Then came Angel’s aunties and cousins, all convincing her to perform her talent.

I was literally pushed-out of the picture. My baby was crowded! My baby was mobbed! And she was crying! The talent portion was called off. My baby never got to perform her number.

Then there was an intermission. The gown portion followed.

I was able to convince my baby to wear her gown, which she personally picked, and continue with the contest. She was on the stage together with the other twenty-seven young ladies.

Waving and smiling to the audience, although there were still traces of tears in her eyes.

We knew she won’t get anything for all her efforts, but we still want her to finish the contest. The finalists were chosen, special awards were given, until all the winners were announced.

For all those proceedings, I wasn’t really concerned; I just wanted it to be over with.

Finally, it was all over. It was time for us to get our baby back and go home.

Angel – Christmas – 6 yrs. old

On the way home, everybody in our group was quiet.

Well, not really quiet, but they were not as enthusiastic as they were three or four hours earlier.

Each one trying not to talk about the contest and the talent portion.

I was carrying my baby, she was happy and smiling. We were kissing and hugging each other along the way.

She didn’t win, but in my heart she’ll always be my little princess. One thing we learned on that day is that, my baby’s charms, talents and wit, was only ours to behold.

My baby didn’t dance. She didn’t have to. She’s my Angel, and I love her very much.

14 thoughts on “She Didn’t Dance – Conclusion”

  1. Thank you very much Jena!

    I have posted all the three links in my multiply account, friendster account, and the forums wherein I am a member 😉

    I’m excited about the book!


  2. your baby is so pretty. i am touched with how loving you are to your young daughter. and yeah as parents you dont want to pressure the child to do something she doesnt want to do. i like it that youre very supportive with her.

  3. gee, thank you very much. I am so proud of her. She is growing up to be a smart lady. She is now a writer in their school too. She also has her own blog now in her friendster.

    thanks again!

  4. Hi Roy, that’s good…and I hope people will vote for it through BUZZ UP. Good luck.

    A writer huh! That’s great! Encourage her to write and write…She’s a wonderful kid. Did she read this article?

    God bless.

  5. Ah… the finale. Geez… I can't wait to be the dad in Roy's shoes. I wonder if I would have done differently.

    Roy, this will bring tears to all the readers out there. I hope dad's would read this too. (Pareng Luc and Pareng Elmot)

    Jena, looking forward to the book. More power to you and to your projects.


  6. You've got a gorgeous child. She'll dance through life in her own way and you'll be as proud as ever. You are a wise, loving mother!

  7. @Z

    thanks! you'll have your time. and you will see how wonderful it is to become a father.

    Thank you very much. I am proud of her even now.

    and yes, I'll accept that. I also play the part of her mother now 😉

  8. Pretty baby! And courageous too. She'll learn to "dance" in her own right time. I believe, children develop at their own pace. Give her a couple of years, and she'll be doing really greater. But as always, a loving support from loved ones will help a lot. Great thing she has you as a dad, Roy. She blessed to have you. More power, Angel and God bless! 🙂

  9. Hi Z,

    Magasawa ka na kasi para you'll experience it too.

    Hi Booking,

    I've met Angel personally and she's even prettier.

    Hi Dee,

    Do you know that Angel also wants to go into blogging? The apple of the eye of one of our Jedi bloggers, she would surely succeed!

    Hi Roy,

    Thanks for inspiring our readers with your story. Kudos to you!

  10. She's lovely, Roy. She taught her dad and aunties something about expectations, that day, didn't she? She'll dance when her time comes. People used to look at my daughter and say, "Oooh, she's so tall and pretty – she should be a basketball player or a model!" I would look at them and say, "Really? Why not a rocket scientist or a doctor?" And she has BEEN a basketball player AND a model, but she is also a talented violinist and a writer. I'm still not sure which of her many talents and passions will come to the fore and be "what she does when she grows up." But it's fun to watch her spread her wings and fly.

  11. Wow Holly,

    You must be extremely proud of your daughter, just like Roy with his.
    She is very talented. Let's pray she chooses the right career eventually. Cheers and all the best.

  12. just thought of checking here to see if there are more readers lol

    and I'm glad there is

    thanks for reading my story Holly


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