Poems of Adieu and Hello


Spare me the pains of the inky night,
Give me shadows of the lustrous moon.
Don’t sing me songs of adieu
in whispers, that I barely knew.

Rest and let go of the garbled breath,
that wracks your tattered body.
Let go my love, of the thread
that leads to turmoil and misery.

Go, move on to the sunshine of joy,
and suffer no more my sweet.
gnarled fingers and wrinkles are done now,
and time for your restful sleep.

Don’t worry for in time I will be,
with you in the folds of your dreams.
Where nothing counts but you and me,
and together we will always be…

…until the end of time.


Dew drops, fresh and sparkling,

sun beams dancing and leaping,

in the verdant grass, glinting,

With the promise of a new tomorrow.

I held on to your hands – smiling-

my heart alight and singing,

in a tune I’ve never heard ringing.

To me, you have given your precious vow.

Photo by nathalielaure
Photo by Sheepie Meili

10 thoughts on “Poems of Adieu and Hello”

  1. Life is always like this. Saying goodbyes and hellos are common place. Relationships all started with greetings and hopefully wont end with a single goodbye.

    Of course this relationship elevates and become deeper as time strengthens the bonds. Okay, I might start an emotional outbreak from reflecting on these poems.

    Lovely Jena! Just lovely.

    I also liked how you started with adieu because they will have to meet again to say hello.

    Okay I’m rhyming, not a good idea. hehehe. I better go back to work.

    Keep inspiring us jena!


  2. You did see the intention of saying goodbye first before the hello. lol

    If relationships can withstand the test of time, then they become stronger and deeper.

    Thanks for the kind words Z. You’re the expert in poems, having won so many times at the WOOF contest; so it is an honor to be praised by you.

  3. Hi Jena,
    Sorry, I have been slacking off.

    Those are wonderful poems. In Adieu, I imagine someone who’s suffering from a serious case of arthritis. Because of this person’s pain and suffering, you, the poet, are telling him/her that it’s okay to die. I’m not sure if this is what it means.

    In Hello, I see a new beginning. It’s a time to celebrate a new begining of something– perhaps, love, life, work, retirement that makes one very happy.


  4. Hi Tasha,

    You deciphered it expertly. For each reader there would be a slighly modified meaning based on the reader’s experiences and perception of things around her/him.

    Have a grand weekend.

  5. First, let me say I love reading traditional style poetry. You don’t see it very often and many times when you do it reads like greeting card verse. However you have mastered the traditional style with modernism which is rare.

    I don’t believe in goodbyes but rather until next time.

  6. I think adieu is a much better word to use in this case as apposed to goodbye, as it tends to show more emotion. Too very lovely poems. Nice job

  7. I believe saying goodbye is a sad thing but if it will be for the better, I guess it should be…

    Hay, na-sad ako… I used to have a bittersweet goodbye. 🙁

  8. Hello Joanne,

    I write free verses too and the like but I don’t know why I love symmetry (winks) it gives me some control.

    Hi Izzy,

    Yes, I agree with you. It is also more romantic..lol..

    Hi Snow,

    Goodbyes are almost always emotionally packed. They tend to exhaust me. But these are necessary in order for us to be able to say hello again.

    To all of you, thanks for your kind words. I do appreciate it a lot. All the best.


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