Plotdog’s WOOF Results for June 12, 2009

Thanks for voting for my entry.

Mabuhay to all the top picks! – Justin, Zorlone, Jennifer, Deeptesh, WebbieLady, and Roy, Ferox , Izzy: you’re all winners for me. Keep writing, guys!

WOOF Contest – Top Picks

About Poetry and Writing

Jena Isle – “Poets and Poems” – Are poets defined by their poems?


Dragon Blogger – “Chance EncounterRandom word poem about falling in love with a girl who works at a register.

Zorlone – “War Cry” – “To me this is like a tale of the redirection of energy. From one source to another, energy does not go away it is only redirected. That is energy from the electricity of nature, to energy from the electricity of human souls.” – Straberry Girl

Jennifer M Scott – “Broken Cacophony” – A journey into the surreal complete with an original picture drawn by me.

Zorlone – “Goodbye” – “Saying goodbye is the hardest thing to do…” – Snow (This is a poetry challenge by Jenn Scott)

Deeptesh Sen – “Angel of the Dark” – Surreal love and fear….and some soft magic!


Webbielady – “Her Garden Has Something” – Her garden is her passion. She did not ask for any return but one day something unexpected came up and she could not believe it!

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Other WOOF Contestants for 06/12/09


Deeptesh Sen – “Boatman and some love songsThe divine, a girl and a boatman…….the air of surreal tunes.

Roy – “numbed” – a heart turned cold… frozen… numbed… because of a broken trust

Roy – “One-words – Death” – an attempt to sound poetic using only one word per line

Dragon Blogger – “Reflections from on High” – Random word poem about our place in the universe.

Zorlone – “A poet’s meal: Oven baked” – “…writing something is like cooking something and then sharing it to your readers. Also, creations do start from dreams which are fueled by inspiration.” – Lucrecio Emerito

Dragon Blogger – “Unfinished Book” – A poem challenge to use the words Verbum Me Vocat inspired this poem.

Jennifer M Scott – “Verbum me Vocat” – A poem about writing verbum me vocat means word calls me.

Jennifer M Scott – “cold heat” – A somber poem.

Jennifer M Scott – “When the Lights Go Out” – Hoping for the power to go out because of a thunderstorm.

Jennifer M Scott – “May” – A poem about may in acrostic.


Ferox – “The She-Demon’s Anatomy part 2” – Part 2 of an encounter with a she-demon in a fantasy story.

About Poetry and Writing

Izzy Daniels – “How to avoid messing up your post schedule” – This is a post on ideas to prevent messing up your writing schedule.

Izzy Daniels – “How flame can actually benifit you if you use it rightMost people get hacked off when some flames on their article, but what if you could use the strong critisism to better yourself and you blog? In this post I give you the reasons why keeping flame is actually good for you.

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