Planters in my Garden and Veranda

I was talking about gardening in my earlier post and how I had loved having a garden in my backyard.

Well, let me continue in this post.

In that garden, I would like planters to make the garden more pleasing to the eyes.

These Outdoor Planters would also provide more space to plant flowers and creeping plants. This would give more garden plots for my vegetables.

My plants would not only be in my backyard, but I would also prefer some window box planters and Indoor Planters in the veranda or living room.

These indoor plants would not only be healthy because they would take in carbon dioxide and bring out oxygen – which our body needs to survive – but would also add elegance and glamour to the ambiance of the house, especially the decorative planters.

I once had a creeping ivy in my veranda and it looked so romantic. Aside from this aesthetic value of providing a refreshing sight for my visitors, it had also served as a tool for relaxation.

When I had wanted to relax, I just stepped into my veranda took a comfortable chair, closed my eyes and inhale the tangy, oxygen-rich air and soon enough, I felt rejuvenated.

I have transferred residence now to an apartment and there are no backyards. But I still plan to buy planters for my living room. Plants should always be a part of a home’s healthy ambiance.

4 thoughts on “Planters in my Garden and Veranda”

  1. Hey Jena. Mom always had plants in the house, and it drove Dad nuts, LOL. For some reason he never liked plants inside, not sure why. As for me, I kind of like them. The problem is though if I touch a plant, it soon dies. I have such a terrible black thumb when it comes to planting things.

  2. Hi Eric,

    I, too, love plants inside the house. I always think of the tremendous benefits they give us, especially for our health.

    But like you, I don't have a green thumb. lol

  3. Hi, Jena. The absence of plants makes me feel like I'm in an artificial environment. I need something plant like within sight. Dee also loves plants.

  4. sa likod bahay maraming halaman si tatay,kaya if we need something fresh like sitaw,papaya,pechay,pwede naming lutuin, just like a blink of an eye.:)


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