Message For Those Who Are Receptive

Let me start with a famous quotation which goes this way: “ What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve.” Or, that of Master Jedi Yoda in Star Wars : “Do , or do not. There is no try.“

These two simply mean that the ultimate secret to success is belief in one’s self…belief that you can do anything you are committed to do.

When you were kids, your dreams know no limits or boundaries. You wanted to reach for the stars, to travel around the world, to become a famous scientist, etc…but as you grew older, the sense of adventure had become vestiges of your atrophying imagination.

You should never lose that pioneering and undaunted spirit. It should always be there (the child within us), You should continue dreaming big and believing you could achieve them. If you persist long enough and never give up, then you will succeed. You only fail when you give up; as long as you keep trying, you still have not failed.

It is easier said than done, but IT CAN BE DONE!! Perception has a lot to do with this. Always see the glass as “half full” and NOT “half –empty”. You have to psyche yourself everyday that you can do whatever you intended to do. It is a continuous process – a challenge that you have to conquer. Believe you can, and YOU CAN!!!
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6 thoughts on “Message For Those Who Are Receptive”

  1. Hi Jena, This post is truly an inspiration to all of us. This is why I’m sticking with my novel to the end. My dream is for it to get published with much success when it’s done. Hehehe. I really am dreaming big, huh?

    Have a great day.

  2. I agree with you specially when you say that perception has a lot to do with it. Regarding this I will also add that for a dream to become true it has to be anchored in a powerful thought meaning a mind settle inside, which makes thoughts and consequent actions more powerful and effective for the fulfillment of our dream.

  3. Tasha, yes…”Do it, there is no try!” I should have a copy of your book personally autographed by you, or I’ll make a scene…he he he…
    Your novel is developing beautifully. Thanks for the visit.

    Conchita, yes, I agree,,, it should be inculcated inside so corresponding actions are done. Thanks for dropping by

    Beth, take care too and thanks for the visit.

  4. Hi Arielle, thanks for the kind words. I hope you could visit my writing blog too and critique it,
    Happy blogging.


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