Let’s Welcome Two Newbies to the Blogosphere

Hello guys, I almost forgot to write this post. I was bone-tired yesterday and went to bed early.

When I woke up…I remembered my promise.

These two neophytes have a burning passion for writing and I’m very excited to welcome them to the blogging world. I can only do so much to encourage people.

If they don’t really have the dedication then no matter what I do, they won’t succeed. But these two very young, talented and yes, beautiful too…he he he…young ladies are RARING TO HAVE A GO at blogging.

So without much ado, I would appreciate it if you could spare your time and show these two young ladies that we are a supportive group – nurturing, caring and generous with whatever we can contribute.

AIKO of …feel the rush. No need for drama

“Take a peek of my TRUE SELF. feel free to read.

I’m not a writer by heart, but i write whenever i feel the need to. Ξ΅Ρ—Π· loves singing and acting, but barely believes she can pull it all off.”

Aix, as friends call her, is an aspiring singer, having won some singing competitions. Paging Rey Jr. of “Born on a Syzygy”, you might be able to give some tips to this young lady.

Academics and singing are not a good combination though so studying has to take priority.

BEE – LOG of Life of a Blog Buddy

Outspoken, but I rather choose to keep myself private.. πŸ™‚

I was laughing while reading Bee-log’s post. Not because of the content but because of how she presented it. It was a well documented post.

Ever of Pamatay Homesik , you have now a female counterpart. he he he..

I’m sending an invitation to everyone, most especially to the Jedi bloggers help me to encourage these two newbies.

Thanks for all the support you would be extending them.


26 thoughts on “Let’s Welcome Two Newbies to the Blogosphere”

  1. Hi Aiko and Bee-Log. Welcome to our world… A world where bits and bytes course through an entangled web of cables like nutrients running through the vessels of your system. Stay with us and stick to it and you'll later see, how infinitesimal the real world could be. πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Aiko and Bee – Log!

    Welcome to the blogosphere!

    curious… Rey and Ever's counterparts… hehe… now we're rocking!

    See you soon!

  3. Hi Eric, thanks for visiting them and for the support. as ever.

    I'm sorry the other one is in the vernacular. I'll instruct her to write in English next time.

    Greatly appreciated.

  4. Hi Irene,

    I've seen you've visited them too. One of them said your blog connects with her – very inspiring. And I agree.

  5. Hi Luke,

    I like that bit about "entangled web of cables" lol…

    You're a very supportive person, the gesture has not gone unnoticed. Cheers.

  6. Welcome to the two lovely ladies! Though I am not a member of the jedibloggers, I would still give them a warm welcome and will visit their blog at this very moment πŸ™‚

  7. Hi Rey,

    Yes, may the force be with them. Your you tube video is a blast…wow…you'll sing "Stand By Me" at the awards night?

    Mag-aattend na ako..lol

  8. Hi Rey Jr.

    I thought you'll sing on stage, with accompaniment and dance steps. lol…
    That was my assumption.

    In that case, I'll have to wait for you to visit us here.

  9. Hello Rey Jr.

    I made it up by meeting up with Jan here in A.C. We have a planned agenda for Sept.5.

    I hope it will push through and that you can make it , guys, so I'll get to meet all of you.

    Best regards.


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