“Keeping the Love Alive” – 22nd Story for the Inspirational Book


I am not really the type of person who takes time in counting the years of our wedding anniversaries. But my daughter Mae makes our (25th) Silver Wedding Anniversary special.

Why? I’ll tell you later.

I’ll tell you first our love story and how we ended up from worst enemies to friends, and then lovers.

9 years of being steady plus 25 years of married life and still going strong is perhaps a record of sorts here in our country. Maybe we have grown tired of hearing other married people fight and getting separated that’s why our married life works – yes!

No! I think we become closer because we don’t discuss things that bother us but we talked them over. We spent a few minutes discussing things that happened within the day, before going to sleep.

We know each other so well that we give time and space when the need arises, without each one asking for it. I encourage her to go out and join her friends when she get invitations; to spend time for herself to break the monotony of a stay- at- home mom. She grants the same courtesy to me.

The Story :

She was our neighbor – the quiet type. She seldom came out of their house. My friends then were her two older sisters because I was two years older than she was.

I used to call her “Labo” because she was wearing thick eyeglasses. And she called me “Palito” because I was thin and quite a joker during those days. Our constant quarrel and bickering made our neighbors’ and friends’ day complete.

Our neighbors used to tease us every time our path crossed because they knew that we hated each other. I really don’t know why and how the hatred started.

When the “Kabataang Barangay” was first established by then President F. Marcos I was duly elected as the first Chairman and she was elected as one of my councilors. I was not aware that she had campaigned for me.

Then we became members of Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD). Here I had to learn how to play the guitar because my voice was not made for singing. She was assigned to fetch the kids for Catechism classes and to serve refreshments afterwards. We managed to be civil with each other in those occasions because we were always near a Priest.

She was studying in Mapua during her High school days and I was studying at Manila High School.

One day, I was riding a jeep on my way to school when I noticed that the girl seated next to me was wearing a Mapua uniform and she was my mortal enemy.
That moment though, I realized that this mortal enemy of mine was a lovely lady, and I started to shift my gear and be a friendly gentleman. I was on my third year of High School then (maagang lumandi! hahaha!).

I was already in my fourth year of high school and she was in her second year when she realized that she loved me too!

Our theme song was a song by Michael Jackson “One day in your life”. The reason why “Jacko” would always be part of my life.

Please sing with me!

Then her parents find out our secret love, the story now becomes “You and Me Against the world“.

So on our first 5 years of being sweetheart we broke up three times. It was always my fault for falling in love with other girls and making the mistake of being caught. I had always been a happy go lucky guy that her parents never saw anything good in my person.

The third time we broke up had me crying during the night but I had to show no emotion in front of my friends. I was not able to eat and sleep that I realized that the lyrics of the song by “Hotdog” titled “Pers Lab” was so true.

“Di na makatulog
Di pa makakain
Taghiyawat sa ilong
Pati na sa pisngi
Sa kaiisip sa’yo
Taghiyawat dumadami”

(Why is it that when we are young we always associated our emotions with a song?)
Maybe those things and a lot of other petty quarrels had made us closer to each other and provided an inevitable bridge for us to come to know each other very well- like the palm of our hands.

So to cut the story short, we got married at the chapel of Sta Cruz church with only a ring bearer in tow and a pair of Godparents. The chapel was being used by the Parish Priests in their daily personal prayer.

In attendance was my mother, her parents (despite their objections) some close friends and relatives. The Choir where I belong sang in that very solemn occasion.
The reception was held at Modern Restaurant just across Sta. Cruz Church.

Would you believe that we started our family with only P10, 000.00 in savings? Part of the money was used in our wedding expenses including payment for the reception . My best friend Roland’s car was used as the official wedding car which we both decorated with flowers bought at Dangwa. See, sariling sikap talaga!


N.B. This story has been featured in Mon’s blog but it deserves to be included in the Inspirational Book for its focus on the joys of family life.


Mon as fondly called by his online buddies is a down-to-earth, passionate and indefatigable blogger.
He is the vibrant apogee behind the blog – Fatherlyours”.

He says:

“I am Ramon, 49 years old writing for FatherlYours.com to share my experiences, frustrations, happiness, success as a Father to my 5 healthy and Lovely creatures called Son’s and Daughter’s.”

I admire Mon for his dedication and loyalty to his family and friends. He is the responsible man that every family wish they could have.

This story depicts family life and how it should be.

Thanks Mon for this extremely significant contribution to the Inspirational Book. Family should always take the topmost priority in our lives.

31 thoughts on ““Keeping the Love Alive” – 22nd Story for the Inspirational Book”

  1. Hi Mon,

    Walang nakakahiya sa napakagandang love story ninyo. I'm glad it's part of the book. May you have more happy years ahead. All the best,

  2. Hi Ceblogger,

    A love story as wonderful as this one will always be a heartwarming read for everyone. Don't you agree Novz?

    All the best.

  3. Wonderful! I always love reading about love stories that stood the test of time.

    I wish the both of you more happy years! Cheers! 🙂

  4. The time I spent with Mon one hot summer day when my car, well, overheated, I learned a lot from this guy.

    – he would commute everyday from Far view to Monumento just to be in the office and would be on the same commute at around 6:30 to 7pm on his way home. Meanwhile, trying to maintain the sales of the company in check. I kept telling myself to buy a pair of shoes at his store.

    Family man
    -this was obvious. We started talking about his family and it brought pride in his eyes when he said that he got a great gift from one of his children as a wedding anniversary present. He was also humble enough to admit that his children are becoming mature intellectually and financially. BTW, his blog speaks a lot about his family life too.

    Part time blogger
    – since he is a hard working and family man, he would only have ample time to blog. This time would be around 4am til before he goes to work and at night around dinner time.

    A good friend
    -I told him several times to attend the seminar we were supposed to go to that day when my car broke down. He didn't leave me. he he he. IOU!

    Loving parent
    -his kids are almost done with college, at least there's one in college and one in high school. A few more years and he could retire. He thinks about his kids and what and how to provide for them. Makes me think of our dear Roy.

    – we had soft drinks in can at some gasoline station in Cubao. I really would have wanted to treat him for a meal to somehow repay his kindness, but I haven't had the chance. Don't worry, as soon as my car is fixed and I am out of debt, I'll treat you for a KFC meal.

    Lovely story and makes you think that the more you hate the more you love. Sana di totoo sa akin ang ganitong saying. LOL


  5. How touching naman ang tribute mo for Mon, You can compose a poem for him now. Buti hindi poem ang cinompose mo as a comment.

    Thanks for those wonderful comments for out guest writer. Way to go Z

  6. Oh, what a lovely romantic story this is. I agree with Mon, giving each other space and freedom to be with friends are important to successful marriages. Restricting each other will only make each other miserable, unhappy, angry, and resentful. Not a great recipe for a successful, happy marriage.

    Congratulations, Mon, for your successful marriage. May it thrive happily till the end of your lives.
    Thanks for sharing your story with us.

    Z: I agree with Jena, what you've wriiten was a touching–from the heart–tribute to Mon.

    Jena: As always, thanks for bringing these stories to your site where we can enjoy reading them.


  7. Hi Tasha,

    Long time no hear. Thanks for honoring me with your visit from the states of Wyoming.

    I was deeply touched too with Mon' story. It's a genuine love story that everyone should read.

    And Z, well, he always brings along his fecund mind with him.

    Happy blog hopping. Cheers.

  8. Ms. Jena,

    Mon is the first stranger blogger that I met in person, that was when we attended a blogging event. The second time was planned though, as we agreed to attend a seminar for Internet marketing. During those times, I saw his passion for blogging and his eagerness to show his talent in sharing his ideas. However, he knew his priorities – to work hard to earn money for his family. And how concern he is for his health, so he can still live longer for his family.

    Lastly, it is not only once that I have proven that he is willing to sacrifice a bit to help a friend.

    Thank you for featuring him in your blog. Just like him, I know you are inspiring people and that includes me.

    To Mon,

    Partner, your love story is so inspirational. Nine years of being steady with a girl is really fantastic. I should know, me and my wife were steady for 7 years. And most of all, 25 years of being happily married is very inspirational. I wish marating din namin ni misis yan, 13 pa lang kami e.

  9. @Jena

    I started typing and it didn't stop on lines. So, after a few paragraphs, I told myself, why not finish this short description for Mon. Hehehe.


    The things I learned from spending an afternoon made me think why not leave that comment for him to see. hehe


  10. Hi Angel. welcome back.

    I've heard nga that you've been oftentimes identified as Mon..lol..

    You're both dedicated and passionate fatherbloggers . My hat's off to both of you.


  11. He he he, wait natin Pehpot ang reaction ni Mon sa comment mo, Ako no comment. When he comes back from his honeymoon, I'm sure he'll react, right Mon?

    Thanks Pehpot for the visit. Happy blog hopping.

  12. It's nice to hear about a relationship that stands the test of time, weathering all that comes and goes, and still pushes on with triumph.

    Sana marami pang ganitong pagsasama at siyempre, sana ako rin… 🙂

  13. Jena- just came back this morning from our 2nd honeymoon.Sleep kunti. hehehe. Let me thank every one who leave their comments here. I am really touched by all of it.
    ceblogger -Thanks ha! were both working parang oversees(before for me). Separated from our family.
    Dee – Thank you po.
    Muntik na akong maiyak Doc Z.
    Tashabud -I am a very jealous guy before but I have adjusted as time goes by.(Babaero kasi).
    Angel – Thank you, mararating mo yan.Basta don't argue with your wife.hehehe, yes lang ng yes.
    pehpot- correct ka diyan.Dami ko bisyo noong araw.Alak,babae,sugal(ABS) hehehe.Ika nga,name it-I've done it.
    Lahat may technique, pero marriage have made me change for the better.
    Snow- Salamat po.

  14. It is always inspirational seeing couples celebrating their love stories and their anniversaries. The love you have for each other is priceless.

  15. Hi Julius,

    Oo nga nakakainspire. This story should be read by all married people. It has a very significant message, and sana nga lahat ay ganyan at sana ikaw rin. I'm just curious, ilan ka na ba?

  16. Hi Mon,

    Dumaating ka na rin from your honeymoon..lol I know nag enjoy kayo ng todo-todo.

    Sabi nga nila, the longer – the sweeter, tama ba iyon Mon?

    Thanks for interacting with our readers. Feel free to comment and interact with them. I would appreciate it.

    A love story has always a universal appeal. Thanks again Mon and may you have more anniversaries to come!

  17. I don't why my didn't comment show up, siguro it was the nagluko na naman internet connection ko.

    anyway, mon's love story is great… and I agree with songs playing an important part of our life.

    a song usually takes us to a particular moment in the past.

    waiting for the continuation of your beatiful story Sir Mon 😉


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