I’ve Won First Prize in Entredropper’s Contest

I’ve won First Prize in Entredropper’s contest on “Who is Your Favorite Blogger?” . I know my favorite entrecard blogger deserves an applause – Ken Armstrong , you indeed, are a great blogger.

It seems this would be an acceptance speech just like in the grammy’s when you win an award..lol…So I would like to thank Ken Armstrong, My Favorite Entrecard Blogger, Jean, Patricia, Tasha, Pinoy Contest, Deepak, and Roy, for their support and encouragement. “Maraming salamat” (Thank you guys!)

And of course to Entreropper who have promptly emailed through paypal my winnings. Next time they sponsor a contest, I enjoin you to participate as they are legit. To Entredropper, God bless and more power to you.

5 thoughts on “I’ve Won First Prize in Entredropper’s Contest”

  1. Congratulations for winning in the Entredropper contest. You really deserve to win. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.


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