Linking has been made interesting by creative people. This meme is stimulating. I “caught” from Francis of “Caught In The Stream” .

Don’t expect me to answer these questions as remarkably as he did, but I promise, I will do my “darnedest” best, so here goes…

1) What was the best moment of your life?

The day I held my eldest son in my arms. As I looked into his small, trusting eyes, there was a lump in my throat. The realization that I will be responsible for the tiny bundle in my arms made it a lachrymose scene. Twenty nine years later, he does the carrying. (grins)

2) If you could pick a superpower what would it be?

A power that could completely eradicate poverty and war. I could not think of anything better.

3) If there was one thing you could do, with no limits of any kind, what would it be?

Acts that could achieve my answer to number 2.

4) What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

I was a man, a soldier in an infantry in a different country; and I was amidst a raging war. I considered this weird as I am a woman and I don’t fancy putting potholes in other people’s bodies.

5) What’s the weirdest thing about you?

I enjoy eating hot rice with fresh, uncooked eggs and a pinch of salt. (Yuck for you!)

6) What’s your favorite self made philosophy?

I like what Francis wrote: “ we humans are unavoidably barreling ahead toward a technological singularity that will either prove to be the precipitate of our eventual downfall or the first step down a new evolutionary path.”

It sounds “make or break” for the human race Francis, the way you put it.

Errr, but I have to be original….let me see….” I do my best to help someone in need, but he has to help himself first.”

7) What (if any) question has been the most annoying unanswered question of your life?

When will I die? (this question keeps bugging me.)

8) Why do you blog?

The first time I ventured into blogging, it was because of a research project. Eventually I discovered it was a good outlet for my ravings, rantings and scribblings and I am at liberty to express whatever I wanted to…The most important thing though that I have learned, is that blogging allowed me to meet wonderful people with multifarious talents and great minds.

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I will not be tagging anyone too. If you feel these questions are interesting then I tag you!


  1. wow! I don’t even know you but based on your answers I really like you!! You sound like a really neat and enlightened person!So glad that I dropped by.

  2. Health wanna bee, from this blog and my other blog “The Clamor of Kalinga”, thanks for dropping by again.

  3. Nice post, Jenaisle. Your philosophy – “I do my best to help someone in need, but he has to help himself first” – is interesting, too. I might just adopt it as my own in fact.

    Well done. 🙂

  4. Thanks fiendish, not as smooth as your story…(grins) . I am honored by your visit and by the visits of Francis and wannabee mom.

    Thanks guys.

  5. hi Jena!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment esp. on Filipinos customs.

    Actually, I could relate with your friend..even if I’m not balikbayan…but I’m from mindanao you know..the first time I rode the jeepney alone in Manila ( was only 16) was quite a ‘scary experience’ too..what to say, how to make the jeepney stop and etc..hehee! til, i observed first what the people did and followed them.:)

  6. Hi budget traveler. Yes, that was a true story. The guy is now back in
    the states and working as a doctor..but he never have forgotten that incident. We usually recall it when we want to laugh.

    Thanks too for the visit. Happy blogging.


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