I am glad to present the initial article for the soon to be published book – “Inspirational Thoughts and Stories of Bloggers All Over The World”

By Nicholas Chase

Inspiration is defined by Merriam-Websters On-line as:
1 a: a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation b: the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions c: the act of influencing or suggesting opinions2: the act of drawing in; specifically : the drawing of air into the lungs3 a: the quality or state of being inspired b: something that is inspired 4: an inspiring agent or influence
— in·spi·ra·tion·al \-shnəl, -shə-nəl\ adjective
— in·spi·ra·tion·al·ly adverb
\ˌin(t)-spə-ˈrā-shən, -(ˌ)spi-\
14th century

For the purpose of this article, I gave some thought to what has inspired me in my life.

I am inspired by God, his son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, three-in-one. I was inspired by my father’s life and his father’s and so on. I was inspired by my brother-in-law, and his life challenges that eventually ended his life prematurely at the age of fifty-four.
Photo by Eliezer Borges
I live on a planet that has everything I need, and you need, to sustain our lives. Water, air, sunlight, food, clothing, minerals, loving grandmothers and grandfathers, dedicated scientists and doctors, passionate nurses and lab technicians, sacrificing teachers and coaches, awe-inspiringly patient and kind mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends, great thinkers, gifted artists and craftspeople.
The only contribution I have made to occupy this miracle earth I live upon is to be born into it. The ’everything’s I need’, listed above have been placed here for my use, long before my birth, and I believe they will sustain after I have passed on.
When you actually stop and think for a moment, about all of the things that were provided here before you arrived, it is inconceivable to think anything else but, that this planet had a Creator and a Designer.

Here is something to think about. “This planet earth weighs approximately seven-trillion tons, or ten septillion pounds. Septillion is a number with twenty-four zero’s!”
Source: Users.hubwest.com
So, if mankind could even figure out how to suspend a planet that weighs this much in space, powered by some kind of engine designed by you and me, how much fuel would this engine consume per minute, and where would we obtain the fuel to keep the tank full? Obviously I am describing a force much greater than any engine could provide, and gravity is immensely more powerful than any creation of man.
Photo by Fleur-Design
Then there is the sun. Positioning this is critical to insure planet earth is not burned to a crisp, or too far away so that the cold of space freezes everything. I have not been able to locate any kind of crane constructed with such a material that could perform this critical positioning, without melting long before it could get close enough to lift a burning sun.

Oh, and all of the stars and planets placed in such perfect designs, and groups to inspire study by generations of artists, scientists and scholars for an eternity?
Therefore, I have concluded that this planet did not just ‘happen’ into existence. This is truly inspirational, because it means that someone much greater than myself, loved me enough to go through unimaginable planning for my needs. The mind that conceived of all of this can only be attributed to a loving God.
Photo by Jesus Presley

Consider this, all of the wonderful computers we use to write our blogs, books, newspapers and articles, were designed upon the materials found on a beach, basic grains of sand! Converted to silicon through fire and manufacturing processes so complex, most of us give up trying to understand how this is possible. Did man provide the sand on the beach, certainly not!

Did a Creator provide man and woman with sufficient brain function to have an insatiable curiosity in discovering that sand could be converted into a device so powerful and useful that computers exist today in virtually everything we buy that has a power source? Absolutely!

Did a creator provide an architect and an engineer with a mind that could conceive to design and build buildings that reach ever closer to the lower atmosphere? Absolutely!

I think of the accomplishments of the last 100 years that my grandfather witnessed in his 92 year-long life. The invention of radio, television, polio vaccines, medicines that cure disease, man landing on the moon, lasers, Ferrari’s, medical procedures and surgeries that people can now survive. None of this is by chance, but reveals a superior mind so complex in its creative processes, that there are unlimited endeavors available to all of the inhabitants of this world.
Photo by Glutnix
We only need to pick things up from our planet, or drill and mine them from below the surface, and decide what we want to do with them next! Who could fathom all of the inventions we take for granted, without realizing that the basic building blocks of everything we touch, see, feel and do were given to us for free, here in this world. The chemicals and tissues that are inside of our bodies have found out where they need to be in order to function, not through anything we have done to create or guide them. This is truly inspiring!

The genetic program, our human DNA, that has slowly been revealed using a creative, scientific approach, indicates that this is not mere chance. How does the heart find its way into the chest, and connect itself to the aorta and blood supply in a growing fetus, in order to begin to beat at the precise time when the other contributing organs and bone marrow, supply the blood that it is designed to pump throughout the body? Inspiring? ..Yes!
Photo by jurvetson
I have yet to meet anyone here who has the fortitude to sit at a lab bench and assemble this incredibly complex helix of data, into a functioning human being without some kind of biological glitch causing complete failure of the data to assemble a person resembling you or me!
Inspirational? Without question.

How do the animals of the earth find food, water, each other, and everything they need to survive and thrive? From their Creator of course and the tools He provided for them to live. The complex design of the earth’s food chain is way too intertwined to have just happened. The co-dependent systems of our home planet, such as gravity, sunlight, water, soil, insect pollination of crops, and the cyclic repeating of all of these processes year after year, without any of man’s interventions required, is simply astounding and completely inspired in its design and operation.
Photo by sanctumsolitude
For us to believe that any of this was of our doing, is to ignore the tremendous, energy, skill, intellect and sustainability of it all to be anything but the work of a loving, caring, nurturing and philanthropic God. Asking for nothing in return, but to return his love, we are sustained here on this planet with every conceivable provision required.

I welcome your thoughts about this article. I have certainly exposed some controversial points of science and spirituality. It has taken me 56 years of living in this incredibly complex, wonderful world to be sufficiently prepared to write it and share it with an audience.

It is freely offered to you in the hope that you will come away from the reading of it, with some well formed questions to ask about what inspires you?


NICHOLAS CHASE from San Francisco is still new to the blogosphere but his dedication to blogging could not be questioned.

This could be proven by his four active blogs with different interesting topics namely :
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and The Way To Success Blog.

He is a proficient writer who can discuss any topic with ease and confidence. (Visit this link to read his unique article about TV violence). He has various interests and one of them is blogging and sharing his thoughts on significant topics that could prove to be informative and thought provoking – just like this article.
Thank you Nicholas for this inspiring post.
Visit his site and read about his personal thoughts, blogging experiences and challenging endeavours.

8 thoughts on “I am glad to present the initial article for the soon to be published book – “Inspirational Thoughts and Stories of Bloggers All Over The World””

  1. Dear nicholas, thank you for this inspiring article, where you share a lot of vivid pictures with your readers. To me it seems, as if you believe in God. And you are grateful for the act of creation, that couldn’t be done by the human race.
    I think to be constantly looking for the signs of the mighty creator might be a mindful way of living that is helpful for all human beings. Maybe one will realize, that the creator gave us opportunities we could grasp with inspiration or let pass by unaffected.

  2. Very well said Ray, thanks for that valuable input. Yes, we should be constantly looking for the signs so we could appreciate life better.

    I am sure Nicholas has something to say about this.

    Happy blogging.

  3. Ray, after re-reading my article, I can see how the particular writing style utilized in this article had certainly canted the fair and balanced approach towards ‘vividness’. Thank you so very much for discovering my belief in God within the text! While all of the scientific data was chosen to lend credence to my belief in a solitary creator, this is sometimes at the expense of not including the spiritual evidence with equal intensity. Your point of looking for signs from the creator is a daily practice in my life, and for the rest of my life.

    My earthly father is physically departed from my life, but the promise from our heavenly father is that he will never depart from us. This inspires those seeking him, to not cease in their desire to study his ways. So doing these things he has instructed us to do, we begin to grow closer to the very image of him, that he has designed for us. I appreciated your taking the time to comment on my article. It was really fun writing it! And I was touched by Jena’s decision to place it on her blog. Respectfully, Nicholas

  4. Hi Nicholas, it was great fo you to drop by and respond to the comment of Ray. Indeed,we go on with life sometimes unaware of the more significant things around us. Your article has a wonderful and deep message that readers should peruse.

    Thanks and all the best.

  5. hello jen,

    thanks for stopping by my place. i have been visiting your blog almost everyday. medyo pagod lang siguro ako kaya hinde ako makapag comment that often.

    anyway, just here to stop by and to tell you that you are dearly appreciated in every acts of kindness. thanks again! muah!

    Pinay Mommy Online
    Blessings and Beyond

  6. Hi Ruby, nice of you to stop by and comment. Thanks. Ditto. I’m a regular visitor too of your site and a subscriber. I refer to you about monetizing blogs. Keep posting.

  7. Hi! This post is really very informative. I’ll take a look at it later on and offer my views in this regard.
    Have a nice time.


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