Do You Want to Revolutionize Your Email Marketing Services?

Do you have a business on email marketing that needs a 24 hour period monitoring? Do you often use email to correspond with your friends, business partners or groups? Do you need to send email newsletters? Well, here’s now a smart and easy way to do it – through iContact.

iContact email marketing provides you with numerous email templates to improve the quality of your newsletters. Its unique features also ensure that your messages would surely reach the inbox of your intended recipient. The interface is also user-friendly. This is made possible through their ISP relations, white list status, and feedback loops. You could also monitor how many people clicked through your emails and easily manage your subscribers. iContact is a great and efficient way to emarket your products/goods and simultaneously your emails are managed and monitored even when you’re not there with their auto responder tool. A spam check is also in place to weed out undesirable emails.

Good news is that all of these features are available just for $ 9.95 a month for small scale businesses and for big businesses; the starting fee is $ 660 a month. The price is adjusted based on the list size. Some big named companies using iContact are Bank of America, Nissan and Super 8 Motel to name a few of the many.

They offer a 15 day-free trial period where you could experience all these great and enterprising application.

For additional information on these email marketing services, you can watch this video.

Join iContact now and be amazed at this valuable and inexpensive email service.

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