Blessed Martin And The Fridge


Blessed Martin De Porres was very big in our house when I was a boy.

My mother was certainly a fan but it was my granny who liked him most of all. She even subscribed to his magazine every month.

Granny was always solid in her beliefs. She had faith in lots of things but she had especially large amounts of faith in Blessed Martin.

She would send her prayers through him and offer up her setbacks to him and she always gave him credit when things went right.

As time passed, ‘Blessed Martin’ became ‘Saint Martin’ and granny became quite old.

She couldn’t get out of the house like she used to but she had her little St. Martin statue on the mantelpiece and he was company enough for her (as well as Granddad, of course).

During one Sunday afternoon visit, my Mum remarked that St. Martin was absent from his perch above the fire. She asked where he had got to.

“You know,” said granny, “how the wee light that comes on when you open the fridge door has stopped working.”

Mum wondered what this had to do with St. Martin.

“Well,” said Gran, “I just put him in there to see if he might fix it.”

I went to look. Sure enough, there was St. Martin, comfortably positioned between the eggs and the milk, having a ‘go’ at the fridge-door light.

Many years , I still have a smile over St. Martin being in the fridge but I often feel quite envious too. Ten years before she died, Granny was badly burned in a house fire. Her injuries were so severe that it was thought unlikely that she could survive. But, as with everything else, she prayed through St. Martin and offered up her setbacks to him and, despite all her burns and her skin-grafts and her pain, she prevailed.

My Granny didn’t put her little statue in the fridge because she was old or feeble or naive. She did it because she had solid unquestioning faith in what she believed.

This same faith undoubtedly went on to save her life.

So although I can smile at Granny’s faith, I can envy it too. I can wish that I sometimes had a little bit of it for myself.

I can’t say that I would put St. Martin in my fridge if the little light went out but I can say I look up to my Granny, who did.

And in Granny’s house that day many years ago, the fridge light was all fixed and working again by the time we went home.

You might say that somebody nipped out and jiggled it when nobody was looking.

You might well be right.

I like to think Blessed Martin took a hand.

@Ken Armstrong 2008


KEN ARMSTRONG needs no elaborate introduction as he is now a known writer in the blogging community; talk about the first Entrecard Comment RushMusic and Driving
that earned him 170 comments!

His style of writing would bring sunshine into a gloomy day. Witty, biting and excellently crafted, his personal stories and articles can make even the most reserved person, break into a smile.
This story was published already in Ken’s blog last April, but I wanted to post it just the same as it’s one inspiring story that talks about the amazing miracles that great faith can do. Incidentally, this is the second time Ken has guested in this blog. The first was when I invited him to share one of his interesting, unique short stories – entitled – Still Stupid After All These Years. Read this story if you still haven’t, and know how he can make your day!

The “Inspirational Stories of Bloggers All Over the World” would not be complete without your story Ken. Thanks so much for allowing me to share this in the up-coming book.

15 thoughts on “Blessed Martin And The Fridge”

  1. Hi Ken,

    Coming from you, I take that as a compliment.

    The blogosphere won’t be complete too without you Ken. And I mean it. Thanks again for guesting in the up coming book.

    God bless.

  2. Hi Ken/Jenaisle,

    Very inspiring story.

    I had a classmate in High School whose mother had cancer. But her devotion to St.Martin healed her.

    She was said to have been visited by him in her dreams and in person, and was asked to do certain spiritual things.

    They then erected this St Martin de Porres Chapel in Pasaje de Galvan in Ermita. I just don’t know if it’s still there, but I don’t think they’d ever give it up.

    Thanks for sharing Ken. :-)–Durano, done!

  3. Jena Isle, sorry this is off-topic. I got your invite to write. i am actually looking for writing opportunities. i am already a member of helium but I don’t know how it works, he he he! i am not sure if my account is still active, though.

    if you can explain to me how things work (i am poor at following instructions from websites, eh) and i am eligible to enlist, then I will.

    waiting to hear from you. bye!

  4. I’ve read this post at Ken’s in April, but it still made me smile to read it again. It sure is an endearing post.

    Hmm…I always wondered, of the times that I visited and commented at Ken’s blog, I still yet to get a return visit from him? Could it be that he’s afraid that I might one day make him the hero to one of my future novel projects? Yes, that could be it! I don’t know any other explanation, unless he does. LOL. Just kidding Ken.

  5. Ken, I loved this article, I actually read it the other day, but for some reason it would not let me comment. I have seen on a number of occasions that peoples belief’s can “cure” a number of ailments. I personally believe it’s a matter of will power, but if a particular belief helps someone with that I’m all for it. I don’t think I have ever seen a fridge light fixed that way though.

    Jena, I sent you some link love.

  6. Hi Durano, thanks for dropping, Your thoughts are always a blast! I’m glad you do believe that faith can heal.

    Erecting a chapel because of one’s belief is also extraordinary. I hope I have that faith too. Sometimes mine…

    Hi Hotmomma, It’s okay. I’ve sent you a message already. I hope you recieved it. Take care.

    Hi Tasha, he he he, Ken will have to answer to that “joke” …

    Hi Eric, I’m happy you like Ken’s “faith” story. Perhaps we need faith more than anything else these days.

    Guys, I’m sure Ken will be responding to your comments too. Our hero is extremely busy with something very important.

    Thanks to all and happy blogging!

  7. Hi Durano, your angle on this little story is very interesting. Faith certainly is a powerful thing.

    … can I do this? haccchh, ding! Ken done. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Well… not quite done:

    Tasha, I visit you in the night, when everyone is sleeping… actually I am remiss, I will be round more often, I promise. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hi Eric, thanks for your kind words – my take on this is quite similar to yours I think – I don’t have much faith myself, but I envy those that do.

    ‘Our hero’ might be a bit of an overstatement, Jen, ‘that idiot’ is probably closer to the mark.

    Ken done! (I love that!)

  8. Thanks Ken for responding to the comments. I’m sure it’s appreciated. You’re still “witty” even in your comments.
    Happy blogging!

  9. Hi Ken!

    Thanks for introducing me to another saint.

    To be honest, I was humbled by your grandma’s faith.

    Granted that somebody sneaked in and fix the light bulb, would that ‘somebody’ care to do that hadn’t granny ‘asked’ St. Martin to fix it.

    We know he really can’t do that, can he? But he did send somebody who can do it… that’s intercession for you.

    I can’t believe I’ve reached this far commenting. I have to read this at the most appropriate time, when I am already beginning to get tired and hopeless. I never really realized I was at this stage, until I reached the intercession part in my comment.

    I never thought I would wet my eyes while writing a comment. Is there such a thing as ‘reverse preaching?’

    I am commenting on a blog, yet I feel like I’m talking to myself!

    Thanks for the invitation Jena.

    Thanks for the story Ken.

    I’m sorry for this long comment.

  10. Hello Roy, Thanks for dropping by. You are right about the Saint “sending” a person to fix it. They wisely say that angels come in men’s clothing.

    Angels , Saints and God do their miracles through people because that is how it could be done.

    I remembered one story about a mother praying for a can of milk when out of nowhere, a man came to give her exactly what she asked for. When the man was asked why he did it, he said that he just felt the “urge” to buy milk and knock at the first home that he comes across.

    Strange stories but they’re true. Truth is stranger than fiction.

    And Roy, I’m sure your miracle will come soon enough. Just have faith too, like Dear grandma here. Faith can move mountains. trust in Him who knows what’s best for you.

    I’m sure Ken will agree with me.
    Right Ken?

    Take care and all the best.

  11. Roy, don’t apologise, it’s a lovely heartfelt comment, one of my favorites ever, I’d say. ๐Ÿ™‚ However one rationalises it, Faith is a very powerful force – you only have to ‘have’ it to ‘use’ it… but having it is sometimes a challenge.

    Thanks Mommy Ruby, my dear Granny was a remarkable woman and I’m glad you liked my memory of her.


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