Attract the Opposite Gender With Your Perfume

Do you know that some female animals, like ants, attract their mates by releasing pheromones which the male could smell even from a distance? These pheromones emit a particular odor that indicates the female is ready for the male counterpart.

Even in human beings, the sense of smell is one significant method by which both genders attract each other.

The pleasurable and pleasant smell of a person is one of the prime magnets that make a person sexy and appealing. Who wouldn’t want to be near a person who smells like roses, or who smells like the vibrant spring?

I am one of those persons who get attracted by the sense of smell. I had been collecting different types of perfumes as long as I could remember. I believe that perfumes and colognes should be a vital part of a person’s daily regimen. This is an essential part of good grooming.

Women most especially, should never go without a dash of perfume. A few of my favorites are channel 5 and anais anais.

If you want to venture into a new world of exotic and pleasurable scents, then I invite you here.

Choose a scent that would smell even fresher when it mixes with your skin and tissue juices.

Experiment and discover what type perfume would enhance your personality and attractiveness.

Be audacious and try on new scents which are still uncommon with most people; and determine what is best for you.

How would you know what scent works best for you?

Try spraying some in your hand and wait for a few minutes. Smell and observe the resulting scent. There are some perfumes which when mixed with your “scent” would not be complimentary. There are those which would smell even fresher when applied to your skin.

A few prefer to spray perfume on their clothing. Apply minimal amount behind your ears and at pulse points (radial pulse at the wrist or the elbow bend) to enhance the fragrance.

Discover your particular perfume and discover yourself!

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