Angel Cuala, One of My Guest Bloggers, Needs Help

Angel Cuala has been one of my guest bloggers and contributors to the Inspirational Book. His wife is in the hospital right now, down with dengue fever.

Dengue fever is a condition which usually plagues the country during certain seasons of the year.

He needs all the help we can. It maybe in the form of prayers too.

Here is a link to a post which describes in full Angel’s dilemma. Thanks in advance for any kind of help. God bless.

9 thoughts on “Angel Cuala, One of My Guest Bloggers, Needs Help”

  1. Hi Jena,
    You’re such a generous soul for writing about Angel Cuala’s wife’s health. I’ll certainly pray for her quick recovery. Dengue is surely not the kind of disease to have.

    As a child living in the province, I was constantly sick with Malaria. Thank goodness, those days are behind me.

    I’ll be visiting his blog soon.


  2. Dear jena, to be healthy is a great treasure. My best wishes for the wife of Angel Cuala….may there be a quick recovery…

  3. Hi Tasha,

    Thanks for your prayers. Indeed those were the days , I’m glad they’re over too.

    Hi Ray,

    Yes, thanks for the prayers. God bless.

    Hi Khaye,

    Thanks too, God bless you too.

  4. Hello Jean,

    Thanks for the prayers. God bless

    To all of you who have prayed and helped Angel in one way or another, in behalf of Angel Cuala, I would like to say thank you and may God return the blessings to you a hundred fold.
    God bless.

  5. I am really very thankful for this post, Ms. Jena.

    My wife and daughter has finally recovered, and it will not possible if it were not for the help and prayers from all of you.

    My wife is also extending her gratitude, as she is happy to know that I met wonderful people like you.

    Best regards.


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