An Attempt at Poetry

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Jim Murdoch of Truth About Lies , Francis Scudellari of Caught in the Stream, and our poets out there; if you happen to read this short verse, PM me your negative comments (winks), but do publish any redeeming comments, if there are any . I would appreciate it a lot, and yes, Ken Armstrong of Ken Armstrong Writing Stuff, our budding poet. Wow!

Webs Of Love

I stared blindly at the ceiling,
blinded by tears of sorrow.
seeing all, but seeing nothing,
unmindful of tomorrow.

Where has the love gone?
So professed some years ago?
I hold the bundle of joy in one,
grateful for the chance to glow.

Go now, my beloved,
follow where your heart leads you.
when you reach the ‘dead end’,
We are here waiting for you.

Photo by Tom Ruette

6 thoughts on “An Attempt at Poetry”

  1. Very nicely done. Poetry is so difficult, yet so meaningful. I am still trying to get some poetry written, but don’t have anything I really feel comfortable with.

    You on the other hand seem to be a natural with it.

  2. Hi Eric,

    Coming from you, thanks. You could write poetry as you express yourself so well. I like those trips you had with nature.

    Happy blogging.

  3. I think it beautifully and succinctly captures the emotion of a moment, and that’s what poetry should do. Nicely done Jena :).

  4. Jena,
    I’m sorry that I’m just now reading this. It’s beautiful, but I’m not one to take such martyrdom. I would not be waiting forever if I were in that situation. I say, the heck with him. I can find my own thank you!



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