A Zany Cinquain from Zorlone – A Replay of His First Poems!

Oftentimes we come across someone who has real talent and we know in our hearts, we just have to share this with others – with the blogosphere.

And this is one of those instances in which I was so taken by the talent of this young man – LORENZO BERNARDINO a.k.a. ZORLONE – that I decided to blog about it!

To confirm my personal judgment, even the writing community at Helium.com has recognized his talent with his very first article entitled Writing for the Love of Writing , and had ranked him highly. His “Signs Your Wife is Cheating on You” is ranked 1 by Helium writers, and to think he isn’t married yet. Need I say more?

This poem was written by him – impromptu.

Oh, I forgot to mention that he is a practising medical doctor, specializing in internal medicine. Isn’t that amazing? A superb combination : A doctor-cum-poet!

Read his Cinquain and be the judge.

Here’s what he says:

My attempt at cinquain:

Passionate game
Frustrated feelings unfold
Overwhelmingly delightful expression unfulfilled

another one:

Warm beverage
Every sip invites
Satisfaction of another company

A Blank Verse he composed in high school.

Troubled Grief


As the day stood still, woke up with a chill

And my hands are stiff, this body is adrift

Alone I felt and deep inside I cried

Chains are too tight, such truth I can’t deny

Such pleasure it was when I have found you

Lovely, sweet, unforgettable and true

All those treasured times I know we all had

I never did want to say our goodbyes

I don’t want to leave these friends in my arms

For we are destined to be together

If we separate, there will be no peace

But our hearts will remain in troubled grief.

42 thoughts on “A Zany Cinquain from Zorlone – A Replay of His First Poems!”

  1. Impressive poetry. I’m not knowledgeable in poetry, but I like those two, for the words flow fluidly. Most importantly, I easily understood their meanings.

    At least, the “Coffee” poem satisfied the feelings of frustrations that were expressed and felt in the “Foreplay” poem, huh?

    I’m impressed to know that those were written by a doctor.

    Way to go Zorlone! Best wishes.

  2. Well done, doctor-come-poet. great to see another side of a medical man. And such sweet poetry too. More please.

    Thanks Jena for the introduction.

  3. tasha,
    Thank you for the kind words. The style is also new to me and I did discuss with jena thoroughly how to approach it. LOL! funny comment about the coffee and the foreplay.
    I have a lot of doctor friends who write a lot better than me! And I am very much encouraged by your comment to try to write some more.

    I like that “doctor-come-poet!” To be honest, there are a few things that make me feel comfortable, writing is one of them. Will do my best to write some more. Good thing I have a mentor I can brag about! I’ll give you a hint, that person’s name appears on this page as of today and it starts with a “J,” but it’s not you. πŸ™‚
    Thank you for the flattering comments!

    I know we had this conversation before… Did i thank you enough for discovering me? Am really working on the articles. Just have patience with me.


  4. Hi Zorlone,

    Thanks for reacting to the comments.

    Talent is everywhere but goodness and humility are not always found with talent.

    Good luck and may you eventually reap success!

  5. dear jena, dear zorlone. To me the poems say, hello, here I am and I say honestly, what I think. That is brave for me.

    The coffee invites me too, to long for an sip…

    Troubled grief has its height in the beginning. As the day stood still. Wow…what a start….woke up with a chill….I am curious what might happen supense and thrill…..

    Thank you Jena for your kind presentation of these well written poems. Happy Blogging

  6. Hi Ray,
    Thank you for pointing that out! I haven’t been able to see it that way. Interesting. Will be polishing on my style (if I finally learn one). I still have a long way to go.



  7. I agree with how talented Doc Z is. That's what I thought too when I first came to know him. A doctor and a poet – such a fascinating combination! It's like science and literature. I wouldn't have been half as amazed if it were an attorney who's a poet because attorneys deal with words. But a doctor who's a poet is something else — simply brilliant! πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Dee,

    I bow to your statement. Science and literature is a rare yet wonderful combinatio, and Doc Z has it.

    He is brilliant!

  9. wow! what a prowess doc z has here on his creative craft.

    i am more into free verse. but making a poem following some system and standard is quite difficult and this where a stand out.

    congrats z…doing great here πŸ˜€

    jena, apologies for not being here often…blogger is blocked on our office πŸ˜€

  10. Hi Elmot,

    That's unacceptable…lol. How could they? Anyway, thanks for dropping by and commenting. You're forgiven as long as you come up with what we have agreed on. End of the month is coming up now, right?

    All the best!

  11. I am truly impressed. I thought I was the only one studying to be a Doctor, while writing my way through. A Doc of Archaeology, a little different. lol

  12. I don't know what happened. I left a comment here the first time I saw it. Anyway…


    Thank you! It is really difficult to be contemporary these days, the readers' minds are a bit fickle when it comes to their likes and dislikes.



    I can say the same to you. A lawyer and a blogger. Your take on parenting and how you approach paid ads are very unique too! Exceptional!

    I just want to print your comment and place it in a frame and hang it on my wall. hehehe… Thank you for the compliment!


    @Elmot aka Paring El,

    The time you spent going through our blogs on this part of the blogging community (blogspot) is overwhelming. Even if I am not at WP yet, you still visit my blog. hu hu hu. Too O.A.? hehehe.

    Dude, thanks for the meaningful words. I really appreciate them.


  13. Hi Dr Lauren,

    So you're studying to be an doctor in archeology, good luck to you,

    Doc Z is already a practising doctor. He specializes in internal medicine and is working in several health institutions.

    It's amazing how he still finds time to write his awesome poems.

    I guess when you love doing something and you have a passion for it, you'll always find time to do it, inspite of a toxic schedule.


  14. Hi Doc Lauren!

    When will you finish? Do you have any Asian expeditions? @JenaIsle has her roots in the Mountains of Kalinga, it has a very rich culture with numerous practices and traditions of the old. You might want to include it in your list of places to, uhm… how do you call it? Research?

    Thank you for the comment and god luck with your studies!


  15. it my be totally unfair but they make the rules of the game, ehehe!

    ok, don't worry…ill be coming up at the end of the month with my story ehehe.

    thank you for being so accomadating a hard-headed cute guy like me ehhehe!

  16. Hi Jena,
    Came by to say hello. I see that you've done some upgrading and redecorating. Looks great.

    I see Doc Z is still writing some fantastic poems. I haven't seen the second part before. I shall hop over to his blog to say hello to him also.


  17. Hello Elmot,

    Since you're my visitor, payag na ako na cute, smart and talented ka. he he he..totoo naman, But don't let the praise go to your head, bawal ang mayabang dito..lol…

    I will wait for your entries…as I've always said, hindi kumpleto pag wala kayo na Jedi knights.

    All the best!

  18. Hi Tasha,

    Welcome back, we missed you. Yes, Doc Z is still writing poems, he's become quite an expert about them now.

    You should read the new entries to the inspirational book, they're quite impressive.

    Take care now girl, love you!

  19. Elmot,

    BTW, I understand where you're coming from…It is the same case at work.

    They're very stringent with their policy regarding online activities. That's one of the main reasons why I try to keep some parts of my identity away from the public eye (as much as possible). But I guess, truth will always come out, so we'll just have to make the best of what we can do.

    Thanks for honoring me with your visit.

  20. @Tasha,

    Welcome back!!! Getting ready for the continuation of your movie? he he he.

    I'm sure you have plenty of new inspirations from your trip.



  21. This young man would definitely go places with his oozing talent and appeal. It was nice meeting you during the Iblog 5. Huwag mo ako kalimutan ha!

  22. Hi Mon,

    Yes, I've heard about that iblog5 event, and you were looking for me? lol…I was supposed to be there too..but there were several things that prevented me to.

    I smiled at your last sentence "huwag mo akong kalimutan ha" lol..sometimes success could affect adversely a person's attitude, claiming the success as his own forgetting that real success is attributed to a Higher Being who has allowed it to happen. But I'm sure our young man would remember this, because as someone who had been there (in a sense- sa madaling salita, mas matanda…he he he), I keep telling him to remain humble; while it's good to "pay forward", it is also important to "pay backward".

    Sabi nga sa tagalog: "A hindi marunong lumingon sa pinaggalingan ay hindi makakarating sa paroroonan."

    So, he'll remember you Mon, hopefully.

  23. He is indeed quite talented. Thanks for sharing his work. All the best for his medical practice.

    Hope you had a great post couple of weeks. Take care πŸ™‚

  24. when I first read this, I don't understand cinquain…

    honestly, up to now, I still don't

    but thanks to Z, I'm getting a fairly good ideas of the different types of poetry πŸ˜‰

  25. Hi Ailurophile,

    Worthy works of art should be shared so everyone could appreciate them. Would Mona Lisa be an acclaimed piece of art if it has not been viewed by many? lol. Happy blog hopping?

    Hi Roy,

    Yes , you and Tasha commented the first time. Thanks for doing so again. Now you know what cinquain is all about.

    All the best to you and your "indomitable posts". Bravo!

  26. Ah, poetry to soothe my frayed nerves. Let me take it all in. Let me read in silence then…

    Okay. Let me borrow Elmot's signature expression to symbolize what I feel reading this: Poof!

    Poof not as an expression of derision, but as a little yelp of delight. Because in Doc Z's pen common words have assumed a magic all their own. The tangled weave of words you weave Doc Z is magical.

    Please teach me this strange alchemy huh?

  27. Hello Jan,

    At last, you've found your way here. As Doc Z said, there's that poet in you waiting to be resurrected. Don't hold it back, just set it free. I have read one of your rare verses somewhere in your blog, or is it at Luke's blog? and I have to admit, it has a character all its own.

    Let go of the phoenix and write your poems!

  28. Fatherlyours,

    Sino ka? Joke! Matapos kita makasama the whole day at the summit and almost every morning plurk is answered by you, makakalimutan pa ba kita? (sulking) drama ano?
    if I make a list of people that I will thank when I become famous, you'd be there too. (wink) Do I get a free Islander sandals?


  29. Good day Ailurophile,

    Thank you! I would certainly hope that my poems could also influence my readers to start writing their own poems.

    What field do you specialize in?


  30. Roy,

    I didn't have any ideas about the other types of poetry, I just know a few, now I am more excited to try making more types every time.

    Of course, the popular type is still free verse.



  31. Talk about weaving, you are the tailor he he he. Do you not weave words into fabulous posts? My words are mere mortals to the gods you create.




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