At first, I was reluctant to post this article in my blog. This is because one of my blogs campaigns against violence on TV. But on second thought, I realized that things are not evil in themselves; they become instruments of good or evil depending on how we – humans – utilize them. Take for instance – guns, we usually associate guns with violence, but sometimes we tend to forget that they also symbolize protection and security.

We feel safe when we know that our armed forces, are trained and ready to respond to any threat to national security. In this manner, guns are used in a positive way.

There is an existing “hobby” being played, which they call “Air soft”. This is a “war game” participated in by members who set the scenario of the game, themselves. They agree upon a certain objective or target.

Francine and Jeicel immersed in the game.

They play in a real forest and in a mountainous terrain.

Participants say it develops critical thinking, enhances decision making abilities and is an excellent, physical exercise as well.

4 thoughts on “A UNIQUE HOBBY”

  1. This is cool. I wish I can play this game. By the way it is true, guns or riffle is only an instrument. Just like a knife, in a trained surgical doctor it can save lives however if it is in a bad hand it can kill a person.

  2. Yes, Mohd.shuhaimi, I agree with you. You gave a very good example. Thanks for visiting. Happy blogging.


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