A paragraph from the poem entitled:


“Go, move on to the sunshine of joy,
and suffer no more my sweet.
gnarled fingers and wrinkles are done now,
and time for your restful sleep.”

An inevitable moment in all of our lifetimes is the event of death. Death is believed to be a transition to another “lifetime”, a new, great adventure, another phase of our metamorphosis into the “perfect being”. What do you think? I would like to believe it is so.


This is an excerpt from an article entitled:

The NDE and the City of Light

From: Kevin Williams’ research conclusions
“Fifty of the near-death experiences I profile on this website which I gathered statistics on, 17% of them experienced a city of light. These cities of light have been described by various experiencers using such adjectives as: golden, beautiful, unearthly, fairy tale-like, indescribable, beyond anything that can be described, so superior to anything on earth, colorful, brilliant, heavenly, endless, crystalline, grand, paradise, and galaxy-like.”
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