A Duet Back in Time – Martina Mcbride and Elvis Presley

Cutting edge technology has made almost anything possible now. We have witnessed how movies have evolved using the “green screen” where directors can virtually put the actors into the center of a scene without them going to the locations themselves. There was even a “rumor” about an actor doing all his dangerous and adventurous scenes in the confines of the production studio.

Here is one video in which MARTINA MCBRIDE is transported back in time to join ELVIS PRESLEY-The American Idol of All times (in the 1970s) in this duet entitled: “Blue Christmas”. Enjoy!

Video from: ElvisFanatic1

9 thoughts on “A Duet Back in Time – Martina Mcbride and Elvis Presley”

  1. Hi Jena,
    It's so amazing what technology can accomplish these days, huh? Oh, listening to that Christmas song is so befitting to the weather cold weather we've been having lately, which reminds me that Christmas is just around the corner already.

    Thanks for sharing this video with us. I truly enjoyed it.


  2. ' itong si pareng ever.. gaya-gaya.. =)
    – i am an ultimate elvis fan, dang, he sang, in my opinion, the best love songs of all time. crap, pasko na nga pala.. sa pampanga kase parang pasko lage, ela mamako ding parul san fernando,, ehe
    – it is with pride to know that you included me in your blogroll. An honor as well to see one of my pieces in your interesting articles list. you have one cool space here.. keep it up. kapampangan bloggers unite!!!!

  3. Hi Tasha, yes, these are the ber months already…cold and indicating Christmas is here again. Best regards.

    I'm glad you like the video.


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