NANOWRIMO and the Clamor of the Mountains

The clock was ticking

It was the midnight of October 31,  and I  was still undecided about what to write For the NANOWRIMO.  I was growing restless and anxious that I might not be able to make up my mind in time for the November 1- kick off.

Should I continue with my previously written novel –Umma Ayam Sinsana?  The initial draft for Chapter 17 has been gathering cobwebs in the document folders of my lappy.

A little help from my friends

1.   But a dear friend – Holly Jahangiri – reminded me that it would be better if I start with a new novel.   Holly has also written a pertinent post: “Nano Nine: How to Gear Up for NANOWRIMO, which is a must read for noobs.

2,  Heather Kephart ,  another NANO participant was also in search for a plot for this enterprising venture.  I enjoyed reading her article: Post-halloween NaNoWriMo Crankfest . Out in Utah,

3. Brady Frost had also started writing his novel. Here are some pointers from him: Five Things to Keep in Mind During Nanowrimo. We were all in the process of  conceptualizing a plot for our novels.

4, Another  friend ,  who helped  me a lot in my blogging and profession,  is Patricia Rockwell.   She has posted  this article on the 5th day of the NaNo – “Writer’s Solution: Goth Poetry Generator”. She’s a veteran Nano writer and is a published author too.

5. Several scenarios played in my mind: should I write another cheesy love story? Woman meets man and after some LQs, lived happily ever after? Or a sci-fi story? Earth invaded by aliens and saved by the Zorlonians?  He he he…. But that’s Doc Zorlone’s original concept and I wouldn’t want to mar his creative genius  by my inaccurate description.  Incidentally, Doc Z is also an eager  participant in this writing endeavor.

I could not sleep thinking about an appropriate plot for my NANOWRIMO.

The muse has finally appeared

I was in this suspended state of introspection, when out of the blue an idea popped out from the dura matter that I had thought was lost from within.

I hastily click on “create a new file”, and started typing. As soon as the first sentence sprung from my fingertips, I could hardly keep up with the deluge of words that had started to pour from my meandering thoughts.

I had always marveled at the beauty and grandeur of the Mountains of Kalinga. It was in this far-flung place that I had spent the latter part of my childhood, I had revered its Eden-like beauty with its lush flora and unnatural fauna. It was only there in Taloctoc that I have seen a genuine firebird – with its flaming red feathers, ominously effulgent in the starless night.

I fell in love with the clear, rambling, Chico River and had forged unforgettable memories amidst its swirling waters.

Photo courtesy of Nikes Alviz
Photo courtesy of Nikes Alviz

I have written several stories about my beloved Kalinga; some found their way to the glossy pages of local magazines and some went straight to the editor’s bin.

In spite of all those stories written, there are still numerous ones that continue to haunt me in my sleep. And one of these is the basis of my story for the NANOWRIMO.

The Clamor of Kalinga

My novel in the making,  entitled:  “The Clamor of the Mountains”,  is a tribute to the people of Kalinga.

I’m now on my 8,000 word count. NANOWRIMO veterans,  like Holly,  instructed us  – the Noob /Newbies – to write, write,  and write; and not be bothered with syntax and fluidity .  Editing would be next December.   During these crucial, first months,  it’s the word count that matters.   Hence,  I’ll say goodbye for now; I’ll have to shift to MSword so I could continue writing my novel.

Wish me luck  as I unravel another story that – I hope – would serve as a means to understand more the culture and customs of the Kalinga people.

17 thoughts on “NANOWRIMO and the Clamor of the Mountains”

  1. Jena, you gave me shivers! There’s nothing quite so beautiful as watching somebody in their element, being propelled by passion. I’m so glad you decided to go with a topic close to your heart.

    Thank you so much for the mention.

  2. Huwaw! Well, I can imagine it’s so much easier to write about an unforgettable place than a forgettable one right? Hehe. Just playing.

    Good luck and I hope your inspiration continuous until the 50,000th word! 😀

  3. Wow. Sounds like an excellent tribute to the people of Kalinga. Good luck Jen on your endeavor…

    On a side note, I could not help but noticed that you have changed your theme. This one looks good too and the widgets seems to be all in place…yay!

  4. Yes, I have to agree. Although, this is not my favorite color, still the widgets are all in place and it looks more organized and neater…he he he…thanks for the nod of approval..yehey!!!

  5. This is an inspiring account of your NaNo experience so far, Jena! Thank you for taking the time to write it up!

    I was actually very worried, myself, on that eve of the 31st, about how things would go. I was worried most because I had no real emotion about it. I wasn’t nervous or excited. It just felt like something I needed to do.

    I suppose that means that there won’t be a struggle when the initial excitement wears off, because there was none to begin with. The funny thing about it is that although I am having a hard time not going back to edit, I think I’m doing quite well. Sure, it needs work, but it’s just a draft.

    I am looking forward to hearing more about your tale. I think December shall be a month of great stories. 🙂

  6. Good Luck Jen! I guess a writer is similar to a programmer. One moment you were totally at blank then you’ll find yourself continually writing your craft.

    God Bless!

  7. Jen, you and Doc are putting me to shame here! (I’m so proud to know you both!) I have to catch up. My publisher asked me if I had a blog for Trockle and A Puppy, Not a Guppy, and I used that as an excuse to procrastinate. The day job is also a GREAT excuse, but you have that one, too, so it fizzles in the face of your ability to do it all. Good luck! Now, I return to something productive…maybe…

    • Holly, you have your hands full with the ads for your book. You really don’t need the nanowrimo. You’re already a published author, with several books to your name. I’m sure you’ll catch up soon enough.

      Congrats on your new book again.


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