100th Blog Post: Are You a Part of This Blog’s History? The Year That Was, at Random Thoughts

I purposely wrote this article to coincide with my 100th post and with the New Year.This is to bring good luck.I’m not a suspicious person, but there is no harm in thinking positively.I believe that being happy and successful is a matter of choice.You should have persistence and determination if you want to achieve your goals in life.

Since this is a special post, join me in going back in time to reminisce for a while. You might be one of the participants of this blog’s history.

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I started this blog 9 months ago, in March 27, 2008. My first post was just a brief paragraph entitled: ” The Value of Honesty”. I had no previous experience, no knowledge at all about blogging, HTML codes, templates, widgets, etc, I was groping in the dark, so to speak , so I just wrote the article and posted it; not knowing what to expect next.

I was surfing the internet for some related material to a study I was conducting on “Web- Based Instructional Materials” and I chanced upon the blogger.com.As soon as I had clicked on it, I became hooked.

After my 8-5 daytime job – I blogged.

It became some sort of relaxation and release for me because I loved writing even when I was in grade school, and blogging had fulfilled that need to write.And what more, I wanted to be read and through blogging, there would be a chance that someone might read my posts.

Of course, that did not happen for several days. I can’t even find my blog through the search engines. I surfed and learned that I had to add my blogs to the search engines blog list, before I could expect them to appear in the search results.

Initially, I have created three (3) for my different areas of interests, writing, children, health. I added all my blogs to the search engines’ pool of blogs.Still, for a month, my blogs were not accessible through the internet, I was getting discouraged.

But I knew that if I stop – then I would fail, so I decided to keep at it. I still have not failed if I’ve not given up yet, right? So, I surfed again online, looking for ways to maximize my blogs’ exposure.

I had installed Google analytics, had verified my blogs and had signed up in almost all ranking sites. As a result of these, I got some visitors, and slowly, the search engines were showing a post or two.

That was the time that I came across Entrecard.

As usual, I learned through trial and error.Slowly, I became adept at card dropping.Sometimes I could drop a handful (more than a 100), sometimes less (50).Entrecarders whom I had visited, started to visit too, and I gained my Google page rank 1.

Thanks to Entrecard, I had come across blogs that I would never have known: “The Big Picture” and “Tasha’s Take” of Tasha Bud, Ken Armstrong Writing Stuff of Ken Armstrong, “Caught in the Stream“of Francis Scudellari, The Esoterical Journey of Ray Gratzner, “The Truth About Lies” of Jim Murdoch, “The Struggling Blogger” of Roy dela Cruz, “BaaBaa Blogging” of Fiendish,“HotMomma” of Mathe Baniaga, Ruminations of the Small Town Country Boy” of Eric Schweer, “Purpled Sky” of a Wonderful Mom, “The Spitting Vessel” of Durano Lawayan, “Jean’s Musings” of Jean Knill, “Seeking Things Above by Tony, Hunting the Muse by Brady Frost, Pinoy Copywriter by a Pinoy Writer
” Pinay Mommy Online” by Mommy Ruby, “Father Blogger Dot Com” of Angel Cuala, and many more.

It was also in this blog that I started to solicit contributions from all over the blogosphere for my book entitled: “Inspirational Stories and Thoughts of Bloggers all Over the World.”

The first article was that of Nicholas Chase entitled “Inspiration” which was posted on July 26, followed by Roy dela Cruz’s “She Didn’t dance” on August 11 and by Jean Knill’s “It’s Not Too Late” on September 11.

The other contributors, Ken, Francis, Tasha, Ray, Jim, Durano and Roy (Part 2) are posted in Gewgaw Writings. Thank you guys, for the support.

It was only in my 3rd month that Google adsense had approved my blog for advertising. My blog was accepted also by paying post, blogvertise, review me, and sponsored reviews. I started to earn by posting reviews in my blogs. I had refused some of them though, so this made me falter in this venue. I gained my Google Page Rank 3 by then.

I joined writing sites like Helium.com, Triond.com and Associated Content.com and a forum- MyLot, where I got my first online earnings.

Thanks to my MyLot friends: Nilzerous, Jillhill, Sydney Hazelton ( who is a top-notch writer at Triond.com too), P1kef1sh, zeroflash2x, paid2write, my friends from the blogging world, Roy & Angel, and many more. They have made the discussions there lively and relaxing.

Thanks to my Associated Content friends, Patricia (who, incidentally is an Enctrecarder now) Jcorn and the rest of the group.

I would like to acknowledge my Helium friends too, Rachelle de Bretagne, Ruth Belena, Roy, Angel, Jean, Brady, Mathe, Eric, and Writer’s Edge. I have been very busy with these writing sites that my blogging was somewhat relegated to the background.

But blogging still would be a vital part of my internet world; just like the several, generous and helpful friends I have gained, who are always there to encourage and say a kind word or two, Thanks to you guys!

This January 1, 2009, I would like to welcome the New Year with a gift (300 EC credits) to my Top Ten Droppers for the Month of December.
Thank you also to the previous months’ top droppers.


# of drops

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Sassy Black Friend


Symphony of Love


Jean’s Musings


The Half-Life of Linoleum


Toltec Insights with Dr. Susan Gregg


C’est La Vie


Angels on Your Shoulder


Random Chronicles


And to my friends, visitors, droppers and from all over the globe. Thank you and may God bless you with a successful, fun-filled, happy and peaceful 2009!

29 thoughts on “100th Blog Post: Are You a Part of This Blog’s History? The Year That Was, at Random Thoughts”

  1. Congratulations on your 100th post Jena!

    I am very proud to be part of your first year of blog history.

    Thank you very much for all the encouragement you have given me.

    Happy new year and here’s to more years of blogging for us.

  2. Hi Roy,

    Thanks for being a part of this blog too. We should support each other as bloggers. No one crosses a blogger, or else…lol…

    Happy new year too and I’ll drink to that!

  3. Well done for marking your 100th post, Jena. I see I can learn things from you. I’ve been wondering why although I have the google toolbar, it doesn’t tell me my page rank. And so on.

    Your writing really is going from strength to strength.

  4. Jean,

    Btw, you have to look for the tool in google that ranks blogs (it is a small rectangular box) and type your blog’s URL.

    Good luck.

  5. Hi Roy,

    Wow, congrats to you and to me too…lol..I didn’t expect to win.

    The email add of jessie at his home page is incomplete. I can’t sent the email.

    Thanks for the information. Again congrats and here’s to a successful year 2009.

  6. I believe it is great to be a part of this very exciting moment. I understand the satisfaction you have right now.
    Wish you a very Happy and JOYOUS new year 2009.
    Want to see your blog going far ahead!

  7. Hi Nilz,

    Yes, I forgot to acknowledge my MyLot friends, let me do it now.

    Thanks and I wish you the same.

    May your 2009 be a resounding sucess!

  8. Congratulations on your 100 Blog Post and building successful blogs. It sure is a learning experience. I loved your post and the way you wrote about others who have helped you along the way.
    I’m sure it is good luck to write your post on the 1st of a new year and I wish you much happiness and success in the year to come.

  9. Hi Ruth,

    I’m glad to see you here. I hope you’ll join us here at entrecard and have more blog exposure. Happy new year and here’s to a more successful writing year ahead of us.

    Hi Mountain Woman,

    Thanks , yes it would be good luck to look back and thank the persons who have supported you in one way or another. May you have a happy and successful year ahead of you. Happy new year.

  10. I found it interesting to read the history of your blog because I started out in the dark too this year and have just picked up things along the way.

  11. Hello Jena,
    Wow! 100th posts! Between my two blogs, I have only 62 posts. I guess I have to work harder this 2009. Heehee.

    Congratulations, Amiga! Best wishes for a more successful 2009!

    Thanks so much for mentioning my blogs. You’re very generous.


  12. Thank you for the EC credits. It’s an honor to be mentioned on your blog.


    Congratulations on the 100th posting!

  13. Hi Tasha,

    Yes, I am glad I have reached my 100th post. I hope we all can do better this 2009.

    Hi Koe,

    You’re welcome and thanks. You’ve been an active participant. Kudos to you.

    May you both have a successful 2009.

  14. Congrats on 100, I know what you mean by “groping in the dark” I felt the same way when I started. Now I can’t even imagine not blogging. The friendships and fun I have received is priceless.

    Thanks for the link and support.

  15. Jena,

    Wow, dami mo nang post a. Nagrigat ti agsurat kabsat. Nu dadduma ti la adda ti maisursurat kon. Aglalo nu education ti niche mo ket narigat ti agpanunot. Good work. Keep it up! 🙂

  16. Hi Eric,

    Yes, the experience is priceless and so are the friends we have. Thanks too for the support and friendship. God bless.


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