Cece Frey First To Be Eliminated on X Factor USA Results Show, December 6, 2012; Bottom 2 Resutls (Live Blog)

Cece Frey was the first to be eliminated on X Factor USA Results Show, December 6, 2012, after ranking last in the public votes. Bottom 2 are Diamond White and Fifth Harmony. Diamond White gets voted off.

Bottom 2 Prediction: X Factor USA, December 6 Results Show

The Top 6 X Factor USA 2012 contestants have performed on December 5 and it’s once again back to the results show. One contender would go home on December 6, based on who the judges would vote from the Bottom 2.

Song Suggestions for Week 6 with Pepsi Challenge Theme on X Factor USA 2012

Here are some song suggestions for Week 6, December 5, 2012, with the Pepsi Challenge theme on X Factor USA 2012. There are two song suggestions for each of the Top 6 contestants on the X Factor USA 2012.

Song Predictions: Divas Week for Top 12 X Factor USA Contestants

The song predictions for the Divas Week for the Top 12 X Factor USA Contestants on Wednesday, November 14 are the following: Lyric 145 – “Thank God I Found You” by Mariah Carey.

Top 12 X Factor USA’s Most Popular Contestant, Based on Votes on November 8, is Tate Stevens

The Top 12 X Factor USA contestants and their ranks in the Results Show based on votes were revealed on November 8, 2012. Tate Stevens took the lead among the remaining Top 12 contestants. The Bottom 2 contenders on November 8 were Cece Frey and Jason Brock.

Spoiler, X Factor USA 2012 Performance Show, November 7: Arin Ray Grooves and Beatrice Miller Shows Vocal Power, to Impress Judges

The X Factor USA Performance Show this Wednesday, November 7, is on and Britney Spears’ protégé Arin Ray grooved and danced gamely to his song, “American Boy.” Beatrice Miller was a standout too.

Bottom 4 Prediction X Factor USA 2012: Who Would Go Home Tonight? November 1 Results Show

To predict the Bottom 4 of the X Factor USA 2012 show is difficult because all of the contestants have their own unique singing talents. As L.A. Reid aptly said during yesterday’s performance show: “We are seeing star after star tonight!”