Spoiler, X Factor USA 2012 Performance Show, November 7: Arin Ray Grooves and Beatrice Miller Shows Vocal Power, to Impress Judges

The X Factor USA Performance Show this Wednesday, November 7, is on, and Britney Spears’ protégé Arin Ray grooved and danced gamely to his song, “American Boy.” Beatrice Miller, another contestant from Britney’s group was a standout too, demonstrating her vocal prowess.

The Top 12 contestants with the theme of the show for this week, “Songs from the Movies,” are raring to perform. Diamond White was brought back to the show, so that would be Top 13.

Arin Ray gave an impressive performance, wowing the judges. His mentor Britney Spears said:

“You owned it, you rocked it, you’re definitely a true star!”

Demi Lovato, who previously, went agog with Emblem3, praised Arin Ray too, saying she was a little speechless.

Another X Factor contestant mentored by Britney Spears is Beatrice Miller, who also nailed the song, “Iris.

Britney has this to say:

 “I feel like you have the best personality out of anybody in this competition.”

Even Simon Cowell lauded the teen singer:

 “You’re not like someone at 13. You’re a great performer.”

Meanwhile, Paige Thomas impressed the judges with “Take My Breath Away,” and Tate Stevens sang “Dead or Alive,” to a responsive audience on the X Factor USA Show.

The rest of the contestants would all have their shot at the slots available for next week’s competition. Who would make it?

The results would be revealed tomorrow, Thursday, November 8, on the X Factor USA Results Show.

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