Bottom 2 Prediction: X Factor USA, December 6 Results Show

The Top 6 X Factor USA 2012 contestants have performed on December 5 and it’s once again back to the results show. One contender would go home on December 6, based on who the judges would vote from the Bottom 2.

Carly Rose Sonenclar seems to be the strongest contender especially with her original and unique rendition of Justin Bieber’sAs Long As You Love Me,” which all the judges loved.

She was able to sing the song beautifully using her own version. Carly was also ranked 1 last week. Tate Stevens came in second.

Carly Rose Sonenclar
Carly Rose Sonenclar, Image credit: XFactorUSA

Would Carly Rose Sonenclar be able to maintain her votes? The truth would be revealed during the results night.

For the Bottom 2 prediction, it would be Cece Frey and Diamond White. These two have performed their best, and America has allowed Cece to remain, even if L.A. Reid says “Cece Frey should have gone home a long time ago,” and Simon Cowell said “My advice is pack a suitcase.”

Cece Frey’s latest performance on the X Factor USA, though, was praised by L.A. Reid who said, “That was good.”

Simon Cowell still didn’t think her performance was worth $5 million dollars, but mentor Demi Lovato believes in her talent, Cece Frey.

Cece was in 5th place last week and is the last contestant for the young adults’ category.

Being ranked higher is not an assurance that you would not be sent home because Vino Alan, who was ranked in the previous weeks at No. 3 was sent home last week, together with Paige Thomas.

Diamond White has been ranked 6th or last week, and the prediction is that, she and Cece Frey will still stay at the Bottom 2 on the X Factor USA 2012 this December 6, 2012.

Predicted to go home is Cece Frey. Remember, this is only a prediction. It may or may not come true.

Check back on December 6 to learn if the prediction comes true on the X Factor USA 2012 results show.

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