Jessica Sanchez Updates: Debut on Glee, May 2, 2013; Many Fans Wowed by “Gentlemen” from New Album, Album at Top 4 on iTunes

Jessica Sanchez updates include the 17 year old powerful singer’s debut on Glee last Thursday May 2, 2013. Numerous fans have their own favorite songs from the album, but many were impressed by “Gentlemen”.

“Jessica Sanchez is My Valentine” Trends Worldwide on Twitter

“Jessica Sanchez is My Valentine” trended worldwide on Twitter, January 14, 2013, as fans of the American Idol (AI) runner-up showed their full support for their idol.

American Idols Expressed Their Gratitude to Their Filipino Fans via Twitter

American Idols thanked their Filipino fans via Twitter, after their resounding success in the last leg of their American Idol Live Tour performance in Manila, last September 21, 2012.

DeAndre Brackensick Tweets “Missin My Gurl, Jessica”

Just a day after the rest of the Top 10 American Idols left for the U.S., DeAndre Brackensick, Jessica Sanchez’s boyfriend, tweeted “In LA right now, missin my gurl, Jessica;” words that fans would surely love.

American Idol Live Tour in Manila September 21, There Were Tears of Goodbye, Hollie Tweets “Thank You Manila”

The American Idol Live Tour in Manila on September 21, 2012 was finally over, and there were tears of goodbye. Reportedly, after the last number, everyone was teary-eyed. It could be the last time that the group would be performing together. They will now part to start with their respective careers.

Heejun Han, Asked During Presscon If He Would Perform Psy’s Viral YouTube Video of Gangnam Style during American Idol Live Tour

MANILA, Philippines – The Top 10 American Idol finalists were interviewed during a presscon after their arrival. They answered questions ranging from “What have you heard about the Philippines from the Season 10 contestants?” to “What’s your advice for kids who want to have a beautiful voice like you guys?”

Jessica Sanchez and Top 10 American Idol Finalists on a Mall Tour September 19, 2012

Jessica Sanchez and the rest of the Top 10 American Idol Finalists will tour the Ayala Malls on September 19, 2012. This was tweeted by @odysseylive and @ovationprod on Twitter.

Jessica Sanchez to Stay after American Idol Live Tour for Some Commitments

Jessica Sanchez, the American Idol runner-up, has reportedly said that she will stay after the American Idol Live Tour in Manila, for some commercial endorsements.
The 17 year-old “Swaggernaut” has thousands of fans in the Philippines because she has Filipino blood, her mother coming from Bataan, a province north of Manila.

Top 10 American Idol Finalists Now in Manila, Jessica Sanchez Interviewed

MANILA, Philippines – The Top 10 American Idol Finalists are now in Manila for the last leg of their Live Tour at the Smart Araneta Coliseum on September 21, 2012. This was reported by local TV networks, September 18, 2012.