DeAndre Brackensick’s Amazing Dance Moves in “Proud Mary” with Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet in Philadelphia

DeAndre Brackensick’s Amazing dance moves in “Proud Mary” with Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet in Philadelphia at the Wells Fargo Center, was recorded by a fan, who called himself/herself xomusicsinmysoulxo at YouTube. DeAndre is part of the Top 10 American Idol Live Tour finalists presently performing across America.

The comment below the YouTube video was

“I focused on Jessica where i could and I am a fan of Jessica but i was very blown away by DeAndre’s dancing and wanting to capture it on video I am a fan of both of them.”

DeAndre Brackensick had also wowed the audience with his “Master Blaster”. It seems that his relationship with Jessica had inspired him to perform at his best.

DeAndre and Jessica in “Proud Mary
Image Credit: Claude Dee

American Idol runner-up, Jessica Sanchez, was also well-applauded in her performances of “Proud Mary”, her duet with AI winner Phillip Phillips in the song “Volcano”, and her solo performances. Phillip has released an original song recently.

Below is the YouTube video of DeAndre’s dance moves in “Proud Mary,” courtesy of xomusicsinmysoulxo.

Proud Mary” DeAndre, Joshua and Jessica

Video credit: xomusicsinmysoulxo /YouTube

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