Sample Prayer before Training Sessions

Today, we will be starting these training sessions for ___ (state the type of training session).

First, we want to thank you Lord for all the blessings we have received this far.

We thank you also for giving us the opportunity to come together and train on this momentous day.

May you bless the trainers and the proponents of this activity so that all their goals will be achieved.

May you bless the participants so that they will be able to glean significant knowledge that they can apply when they get back home.

May you bless all people behind this activity that they may continue training other people for God and humanity.
We ask all these in your mighty name.



Image credit: Cioux Casala


2 thoughts on “Sample Prayer before Training Sessions”

    • Sure, you can. But don’t publish it online under your name. If you want to use it online, don’t use the whole prayer, publish a portion and point a link to this website for the rest of the prayer. You can use the entire prayer offline. God bless.


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