Protection Prayer against the COVID Pandemic

Lord, we bow our heads before You.

We’re powerless against this COVID virus that have swept the world.

We’re trying our best to do what we can within our human limitations.

However, we trust in your mercy, generosity and love.

We know You are stronger than any challenges that come our way.

This problem may be pandemic, but we know dear God
That you’re bigger than any problem in this world.

No problem is so huge for us with YOU by our side.

Bless our health workers, who are sacrificing their safety and health
by attending to the sick amidst this COVID19 virus.

Grant them strength and perseverance to withstand the challenges that go their way.

May you grant recuperation to the countless of people sick with this virus, so they would get well and be healthy anew.

Bless their families, so they can gain strength and wisdom from your Divine Spirit, so they could care for their sick properly without infecting themselves.

Bless those who are quarantined, that they can be patient to wait for a stamp of good health, before they mingle, for the sake of the majority, who aren’t sick.

Enlighten governments around the world with your Divine Wisdom, so they can decide correctly for the safety of their own countries.

May every individual, no matter what race he belongs to, be in solidarity in making sure that everyone is safe.

Erase all racism, greediness and selfishness in our hearts that we would consider everyone as our brothers.

Make us realize that this is the time to unify people all around the world to fight the COVID 19 together.

Help all people realize that humanity is only one, without race, color, or creed, and that we can only eradicate this harmful virus as one people.

We beseech you to grant us the wisdom, strength and resilience to overcome this pandemic as one people, united for a noble cause.


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