Prayer Sample for Office Meetings

We’re gathered here before you Lord, to discuss vital issues in our company.

We beseech you to shower each person your Divine Wisdom, so we would think and act in the manner that you would like us to.

Allow every person in this room to see Christ in each of us, and thus treat everyone with respect and love.

May you bless the organizers of this meeting that they would be able to achieve goals that are beneficial for everyone.

May you grant your Divine Spirit to the administrators of this company that they be armed with enough fear for you and be leading examples of your generosity and love.

May you shower each person present in this event and all those who are in need of your love, so that we could all decide wisely the solutions to our problems.

Bless our households and all people of the world, who are undergoing the same crises as we are, and allow them to gain strength from your omniscience and omnipresence.

We pray that after this meeting we would go home blessed with new hope and courage to implement whatever is decided on.

All these we ask in fervent prayer.


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