Prayer for Christmas

Heavenly Father, it’s Christmas time once again, and we are thankful that you have given us another year of blessings.

Thank you for allowing us to come together during this Christmas Party.

May you bless all of us, who are present here today, that we would enjoy all the activities in this party.

May you bless all our families so that they would be safe and sound.

May you also bless all people on earth that peace and love would reign.

Grant that your generous love would be felt today through the camaraderie in this party.

Make us realize that we are all here for one another, that we could only love you through other people.

May you bless the organizers of this party too that they may continue organizing worthy endeavors such as this one, under your loving guidance.

All these we ask in your mighty name. Amen.

Praying Hands

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