Prayer for an Event

Lord God and Father,

We are all gathered here before you for this momentous event.

We are celebrating this ________ (mention name of event)
because we want to dedicate all these to you.

We thank you for all past blessings and gifts.

No matter how we sinned against you,
You are still there guiding us and giving us strength.

May you bless us the same way today and allow all our activities to succeed.

Grant that this event will foster love and friendship among us all.

Let your Spirit shine on us all that our joy may go beyond these walls to all people on Earth.

May we always realize that all our actions should be to spread your generosity and love.

May we be witnesses to the power of your mercy and generosity
so that more people will come to know that you are the One True God.

We beseech you to hear our prayers, amen.


prayer for events

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