Prayer for a Happy Valentine’s Day

Dear God, this Valentine’s Day, we thank you for all the unconditional love you have given us.

We offer this prayer to all people in the world. May they find peace in you and in others too.

Bless also our family, friends and all our loved ones, so that love would reign in all our hearts. Let us all realize that love is the answer to all grief and unhappiness.

Bestow upon us your all-abounding love and generosity so that all our actions are reflections of your eternal love.

May we always carry in our hearts the knowledge that your love is unconditional and unending. Give us the grace to be able to pass this on to people around us, and to the whole world.

Grant us the spirit to realize that Valentine’s Day should be every day, and not only today. All this we ask through Jesus Christ, who gives the ultimate sacrifice of love-his life.


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