Opening Prayer for Students

This is an opening prayer for students, which is short and could easily be adapted.

Let’s observe a moment of silence. (Pause for a minute) Dear God, we bow our heads in recognition of your divine power and omniscience. We are aware that you are the greatest teacher of all time. May you endow us with your spirit so that we would be able to imbibe what our mentors would be imparting to us.

May we understand not only the valuable information that we receive, but also the deeper, moral meaning it could provide us to become better persons and responsible members of the communities where we live in.

Grant us wisdom to know which knowledge to retain and which ones to eschew.  Allow the everlasting ember of your love; prod us to search for knowledge. Let us realize also that we should do this not for our own selfish ends but to be productive part of the society. In this way we could bear witness to your love and generosity.

All this we intercede in your mighty name. Amen.

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