Opening Prayer for Seminars; New Prayer

Dear Lord, as we gather here for this momentous event,

We thank You first, for allowing this seminar to take place.

We know that nothing can be successfully done without your blessings.

So, we ask, in prayer, for the enlightenment of the speakers to share their expertise in Your Name.

May they successfully transfer their skills and knowledge accurately and conscientiously.

May the participants learn and enhance their skills as well.

Bless every participant that he/she will get the most out of this fruitful endeavor.

Allow them to participate actively to foster love and camaraderie in Your Blessed Name.

Bless the organizers of this seminar; the people who prepared the food, the physical arrangement crew, and everyone who took part in preparing this event.

Grant them the wisdom and strength to go on doing what they have been doing to render service to others.

Lastly, bless our loved ones at home, and all people in the world that peace and love may reign forever.

May we put to use in real life what we have learned today to spread your love and generosity. Let his seminar bear fruit in our everyday lives.

We ask all these, in your Mighty Name. Amen.

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