Opening Prayer for Meetings

Let’s bow our heads and pray, (in the name of the Father….) Lord, we gather before you to ask for your blessings in this crucial meeting.

May you enlighten us and bestow upon us the divine spirit of your wisdom and omniscience. Allow us to discern that the problems brought up in this meeting are just challenges that would develop and strengthen us as persons.

Help us decide and plan wisely so that we could serve you through our service to others.

Makes us realize that our final goal and objective should be to spread love and bear witness to your name. That in the end, it is you who should be glorified and not our puny efforts for self-aggrandizement.

Lord, We also pray that you bless the outcome of this meeting, so that we would be able to implement whatever would be decided on.

Give us the heart, mind and soul to come up with solutions and suggestions that are truly for the good of the majority. We ask all these in your mighty name, Amen.

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