Opening Prayer for Any Event

Let’s bow our heads and ask for God’s blessing. (Pause for a few seconds).

Heavenly Father, we gather here before you to celebrate the (mention the event). We thank you for giving us this chance to come together as one and share with each other whatever we know is worth sharing.

We know we cannot equal your generosity and all-abounding love but we know that just by being here for each other, we could show that we care.

May you bless everyone: those who are present here in this momentous event, those who are left at home, and all people in the world, so that peace and love may reign.

May the activities set for this event succeed to make us stronger and more determined to spread your Good Word.

Allow us to see Your Spirit in each person so that we could love them just as you did. Grant us Divine Wisdom so that we would be able to remember that our actions should reflect your love.

Bless the organizers of this event. Grant them long life, fortitude and inspiration, so that they could continue conducting such wonderful activities.

All these we ask through your powerful name. Amen.

Praying Hands, Image credit: Albrecht Durer

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