Opening Prayer for Academic Meetings

Image credit: Albrecht Durer

Lord, we offer this meeting to you.

Let our hearts be filled with your Divine wisdom as we go about our plans for this year.

May you bless them and allow them to prosper.

May our plans serve as an example of your generosity and love. Make us instruments of your love, so that the people around us would be touched by our sincere and genuine concern.

Heavenly Father, allow us to see You in every person, and focus on the goodness of each heart.

Allow us to be less critical, because we are not perfect ourselves.

Bestow upon us your spirit that we may conquer petty quarrels and indifference, and make us realize that we are on borrowed time.

So whatever time we have, we should spend it in the service of your name, by being helpful to other people.

All these we ask, in your mighty name. Amen.

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