Opening Prayer for a Party

Dear Lord, we are all present in this venue to celebrate this  ____ (mention the type) party. We thank you for the blessings you have made possible for its successful preparation.

Bless the hands that had prepared this place, to make it comfortable and safe for us. Bless the people who have prepared the food diligently and lovingly with their hands.

Bless the organizers of this party so they may have more strength and zest to continue bringing your love through parties like these.

We also pray that you bestow your blessing to everyone present in this room and all our loved ones left at home. We know that you will keep them safe for us.

May we find joy and love through our meaningful interaction in this event.

We are aware that nothing is possible without your blessings. May we ask therefore that your generosity be accorded to all those who are sick, lost and lonely.

As we enjoy our party, we are rest assured that you will be there for them, as you are here with us in our celebration and joy.

We ask all these blessings in your might name, Oh Lord. Amen.

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