Opening Prayer for a New Year’s Party

The New Year is upon us once again dear God. We thank you for another fruitful year that has passed. We are aware that without your divine providence and guidance, we may not have been able to survive the year and

succeed in our endeavors.

May we obtain your blessings in this New Year so that we could plan based on what

you want us to do. May we have New Year’s resolutions that are congruent with your all abounding love and generosity; that our plans for the succeeding year should not only for our success but also the triumph of others.

Let us realize that without your blessings, we are nothing and none of our plans would succeed. Because it is only through you that everything is possible. It is only through helping others that we also help ourselves.

Bless everyone present here today; our loved ones, friends,

and all mankind that peace would reign and love would prevail.

We pray in the Almighty name of God, Amen.

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