Opening Prayer for a Christmas Celebration

Let’s place ourselves in the presence of God (Pause for a few seconds).

Dear Lord, we thank you for allowing us to gather during this momentous occasion. We thank you for all the bountiful blessings you have bestowed on us. We recognize your generosity and abundant love.

Today, we celebrate your birthday. Make us realize that Christmas is all about you and not gifts and money.  That no matter how insufficient our material things are, we are rich in your glory, and that’s what counts most.

Christmas Prayer

Make us aware that acting like true Christians and being an angel to people around us, our family, our friends, and our so called “enemies”, is a genuine way of celebrating your birthday.

We could do this by loving people around us and by setting a good example that everyone could emulate.

Grant your blessings that we could celebrate today your love and goodness amongst us, and those who are not here today.

May you bless this celebration so that people would learn about you more. Allow us to spread your love, when we leave this venue as well.

We pray for all of these, in the name of your son, Jesus Christ.

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